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What You Didn’t Know About the TMJ Disorder

Many of us have or at least know someone who has suffered from TMJ (temporomandibular disorder). Did you know that it is a chronic jaw joint dysfunction and not a dental problem, as most people believe? If you are suffering...


Top 7 Causes of Lower Back Pain

It is prevalent for people to experience back pain, but not all forms are created equal. The type and severity of your problem will determine how best to treat it and the level of concern you should have about it....


Is There a Remedy for Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by redness, pimples, and irritated skin. Many treatments are available to help prevent flare-ups and improve your appearance if you suffer from them. There are reliable Downtown DC facilities you can approach for rosacea...


5 Fascinating Facts About Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy examines the large intestine and rectum using a flexible tube with a light and lens at one end (colonoscope). It often includes taking biopsies. The colonoscopy procedure is usually done when some signs or symptoms point to cancer, such...


Why Should You Consider Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a way of diagnosing diseases by looking at someone's DNA and knowing if their genes are associated with certain health conditions. For example, Huntington's disease is a genetic condition that causes severe damage to your ability to...

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