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Sameer Suhail on the Shortage of Psychiatric Mental Healthcare Providers

Despite society having a more open mindset toward mental health, we still have a severe lack of psychiatric mental healthcare specialists. It's easy to overlook mental health because the symptoms are often subtle. Sameer Suhail shares that not as many...


Who Is The Right Candidate For Botox?

It is natural to detect changes in your body as you get older. These changes are frequently apparent, and whereas it is natural, it is not unusual to be self-conscious about your aging look. As individuals age, one huge concern...


Top 7 Causes of Lower Back Pain

It is prevalent for people to experience back pain, but not all forms are created equal. The type and severity of your problem will determine how best to treat it and the level of concern you should have about it....


Why Should You Consider Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a way of diagnosing diseases by looking at someone's DNA and knowing if their genes are associated with certain health conditions. For example, Huntington's disease is a genetic condition that causes severe damage to your ability to...


Common Treatments For Bunions

A bunion is a bump that forms on the big toe joint due to abnormal shoe wear, injury, or arthritis. Bunions form when the first metatarsal bone and the toe next to it move toward each other, which causes a...

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