Facial acupuncture vs. Botox

Facial acupuncture vs. Botox

With the progression of new medicine, there is a great shift in the field of anti-aging and skincare. Undoubtedly, most of these techniques can lessen the symptoms of aging and improve dermatological miseries. The aging symptoms include fine lines and wrinkles and drooping skin lifted. Is facial rejuvenation acupuncture better than Botox? The answer is yes.

About Botox

Botox is the injection of Botulinum Toxin that is viewed as the most potent neurotoxin ever founded and the most intensely toxic natural substance known. In tiny doses, it is deemed to be safe and secure. It can be beneficial at fixing the muscles, causing wrinkles. The outcomes of Botox are immediate and quite drastic; they usually last for four months.

How does facial acupuncture work?

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a type of facial treatment based on early Chinese medicine that involves putting ultra-fine needles at specific areas on the face to naturally improve the skin’s look and well-being. Facial cosmetic acupuncture offers your skin needful help. In this treatment, thin needles (as thin as a strand of hair) are inserted cautiously in particular acupuncture points on the face. Apart from face points, body acu-points are performed to provide stability and augment the skin from the inside out. Settle on the top acupuncture clinic in Davieto get better results.

Cosmetic acupuncture benefits

Many patients visit facial acupuncture Davie, FL to lighten symptoms of aging naturally. But you can improve other conditions, too, such as allergies, joint pain, organ function, fertility, and many more. The best acupuncture clinic in Davie can help in making your skin brighter, clearing of hyperpigmentation, and treat breakouts and acne.

Can we do both Acupuncture and Botox at the same time?

No, both acupuncture and Botox cannot be done at the same time. As acupuncture typically works very well along with medicines for depression when you are an antidepressant, for migraines while you are on Imitrex, for knee pain while you have had a cortisone shot. The acupuncturists are pleased to team up with medical doctors, but in this instance, they cannot do facial acupuncture if you recently had a Botox. Since the needles powerfully affect microcirculation in the area, there is a chance of it letting the Botox move about and lead to unnecessary muscles being affected. You need to wait for at least four weeks after a Botox and then obtain facial acupuncture. Explore more to know which is the new face cream better than Botox.