Understanding How Great Natural Therapies Work

Understanding How Great Natural Therapies Work

Natural therapies are based on different assumptions and have a different basis than modern medicine. The approach used by herbalists and other natural medicine professionals is based on the following assumptions or principles.

Do no harm. It is the basis of all natural medicine. It has been the tradition of modern medicine. However, modern medicine has come a long way. It’s not hard to assume that all pharmaceuticals and most medical procedures cause harm, even if they try to relieve symptoms. Melbourne Natural Therapies practitioners still adhere to the basic principle: “Do no harm.” It means that herbalists use the whole plant and are very careful about using any dangerous herbs in large doses.

Nature has healing power. Given the opportunity and the right stimulation, the body can correct itself and heal itself. Thus, the role of a natural therapist/herbalist is to help the individual create the right conditions for their body to purify, restore and heal themselves. Modern medicine tries to change what the body is doing by using drugs or surgically removing the body part, causing problems.

Often used drugs suppress the body’s natural reactions and suppress symptoms. The natural therapist views the body’s natural responses as evidence that it is trying to adapt to adverse circumstances and that these responses can be worked with rather than suppressed. At the same time, the natural therapist will work to correct adverse circumstances and eliminate the body’s need to react, thereby correcting imbalances and restoring function.

When treating a person, the natural approach is to treat the whole and integrated person, his mind, body, emotions, and environment. All these aspects of a person interact, and there will be an effect from one to the other. The natural therapist works with an integrated whole, not just one aspect of the personality.

All signs and symptoms a person exhibits are considered essential, and an attempt is made to establish the true cause of the problem. The holistic approach contrasts with that of modern medicine, which often treats only the symptoms and does not address the root causes of the symptoms. A natural therapist aims to improve a person’s health and overall well-being.

One of the primary roles of a natural therapist is as a teacher. The role is to equip the individual with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to make decisions about their health and well-being. It means that they will not be dependent on a therapist but will be able to manage their health effectively.


There are many differences in the approach to health and disease taken by naturopaths compared to modern physicians. These differences mean that when you use a natural therapist, such as an herbalist, you need to understand what they are aiming for and what they are doing and not assume they are using the same approach as a doctor.