Weight Loss

The slightest weight loss can enhance your fertility

The slightest weight loss can enhance your fertility

The pregnancy journey is different for every woman; some get pregnant easily while other women struggle with fertility for many months or years. However, infertility is a common problem between couples. In most cases, couples have no control over the contribution to infertility. As per the studies, weight loss for fertility is the best way to get pregnant. Being overweight or underweight is one of the common problems in today’s era. Being healthy does not mean losing weight; it also promoted mental health along with physical health. Being overweight promotes hormone imbalance; in healthy women, ovaries produce the appropriate amount of estrogen, but if the woman is obese, her body will produce more estrogen than normal, leading to the prevention of ovulation. If you are looking for Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery, various sources are available online to gather information. BMI plays a vital role in body measurement. Let’s learn about it.

What is BMI?

Body-Mass Index, also known as BMI, is a calculation based on height. It is indifferent ranges, and as per the professionals, A BMI within the 19 to 25 range is stated normally while a BMI in the range of 25-30 range is stated overweight. Body-mass Index over 30 is considered obese.

Relationship Between Weight Loss And Fertility

The relationship between weight loss and fertility is significant for pregnancy. Obesity has become one of the major issues in women today, causing various health issues. It is associated with many pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, congenital disabilities, gestational hypertension, high blood pressure, problems with vaginal deliveries, gestational diabetes mellitus, etc. Pregnant women have a higher risk of maternal death and other complications during labor pain. Higher BMI can make it difficult for women to get pregnant because they may not perform well to medications, promoting canceled cycles. There are various surgeries and programs for weight loss. After a long-term attempt to lose weight after consulting with a professional and certified doctor, you can go for Tijuana weight loss surgery.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, caused by hormonal imbalance, prevents ovulation in women. The slightest weight loss can improve the condition of fertility and PCOS. The women’s body produces a high amount of hormones, and if the not inappropriate amount can cause PCOS in women. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle for ovulation and fertility.