What Is Online Video Therapy?

Man Having Video Chat With Doctor

Online video therapy enables you to meet with the therapist anywhere in the world, so long as you have a secure and stable internet connection on your computer and phone. In light of the current crisis caused by the coronavirus Thriving Center of Psychology offers online video teletherapy in Miami to provide mental health care safely from your home, office, and even in military camps.

Outlined below is all you need to know about online video therapy.

Suitable Candidate

You know the feeling of being anxious, your heart always pounding, feeling uneasy all the time? Do not zone out on your loved ones; get mental health care through video teletherapy in your office, during a lunch break, or any time you are free, including in your bedroom.

The Thriving Center of Psychology addresses the following aspects of mental health:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Food and eating issues
  • Stress
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Obsession and compulsion
  • Trauma

Benefits of Online Video Therapy

The Thriving Center of Psychology fits the therapy right into your day by focusing on your needs with a personalized, attentive, and collaborative treatment approach. The flexible, convenient, and easy therapy services are suitable for adults, children, couples, and military personnel. The following are the advantages of online video therapy.


Going and coming back from the therapist, you spend a great deal of the time on the road. You may get stuck in traffic and need to be at the clinic before the session begins. With online therapy, you do not have to worry about being late for the sessions, being stuck in traffic, and only you need to schedule an appointment with your therapist in your work office or home.

Enhanced Security

In the case of physical and sexual assault, online therapy has an upside because you take no chances, and you do not expose yourself to the threats and dangers of having to commute to the therapist’s office. The sessions are held via smartphones and computers in a place where you feel secure.


Online therapy helps in the effective flow of therapy at home, on the trip, in the office, in camps, and in remote locations. You can carry out your psychological counseling and take good care of your mental health productively.


No one will know that you are undergoing psychological counseling and the conversation between you and your therapist remains encrypted.


When conducting online therapy, you avoid expenses such as gasoline, subway money, bus, and taxi fare since you can do therapy anywhere and do not need to travel to the clinic or therapist’s office.

No Travel Restrictions

If you like to travel and often change therapists to suit your travel schedule, online video therapy by the Thriving Center of Psychology allows you to travel and keep your therapist since you do not have to worry about missing sessions.

Due to COVID19, you can also undergo therapy at any place in the world without fear of getting the virus.

Consult an Online Video Teletherapist

Online therapy allows you to attend counseling in the comfort of your surroundings. Call and make an appointment with the Thriving Center of Psychology and receive kind and solution-oriented therapists to care for your mental health issues.