Online lab – an easy way to a healthy life

Thanks to regular health diagnostics, it is possible to properly care for your health. Long lines to the doctors and the lack of time for oneself make it much more difficult. However, laboratory platforms allow carrying out the necessary home testing kit without having to worry about long waiting times.

What tests can be done thanks to the online laboratory?

Buying tests via the Internet means you can take advantage of the widest diagnostic offer. The online platform allows you to select tests from several different diagnostic laboratories abroad.

On the lab platform, you will find many analyzes for different purposes. If you think your food is harming you, you will have tests for intolerances or allergies. You will learn about the risk of developing cancer and various chronic diseases thanks to genetic testing. Prenatal tests will allow you to find out about the health of your unborn baby. 

The paternity test will give you an answer to your child’s background. Microflora testing is an opportunity to assess whether probiotics are necessary. However, different blood tests can tell you a lot about your current health, infections, and diseases.

You can book all these types of diagnostic tests and much more online without calling the clinics or standing in lines, and at much lower prices.

How does online survey booking work?

The most important step in booking a survey is the right choice. On the website, you will find all the information you need to choose the right test – information about what is analyzed and what the test is used for. If necessary, it is possible to consult a platform specialist.

If you’ve been shopping online, be it food or clothing, ordering an online test shouldn’t be a problem. You select a survey, enter your order details, and then it pays off. Importantly, the price of the same research via the Internet is lower than when paying at the point of collection by even several dozen to several hundred zlotys. You will receive an order code as part of the booking confirmation.

Some of the tests include a result consultation with a specialist via chat or by phone.

What does the test look like?

Several forms of online commissioned research are available. You can do them at a local collection point, by mail order, or by booking a collection by a nurse at your home. The latter method is possible in specific cities and is most often used by sick people and people with difficulties in the independent movement.

Most of the tests that are booked online are done at a collection point. The client has several hundred locations at his disposal, and the visit does not need to be booked in advance. You can go to the point at any time during its opening, and the presentation of the reservation number received allows you to start the further procedure. Then it takes the necessary amount of the required biological material – in most cases it is venous blood.

However, individual tests are available by mail – these are tests for intolerance, nutrigenetic tests (towards the DNA diet), microflora tests, paternity tests, or venereal tests. In this case, the customer receives a package with a kit for self-collection, prepares the appropriate biological material based on the instructions, and then sends it to the laboratory by courier.

Online laboratory platforms significantly simplify diagnostics thanks to the lack of queues, lower prices, or faster implementation of tests. Hurry is no longer an excuse to take care of yourself and your health.