How to treat back pain without surgery?

A man grasping his lower back in pain.

If your back pain lasts for more than three months, it is called chronic back pain. This kind of pain usually comes and goes away, often giving you relief temporarily. It can also lead to frustration among some. Dealing with chronic back pain without knowing the cause can be challenging.

To brief you about the common causes of back pain, read on to know more about chronic back pain treatment.

Causes of back pain

Chronic back pain can be related to age, or it may be due to an injury in the past. The common causes of chronic back pain are as follows:

  • Spine arthritis- It is the thinning of the cartilage inside the spine.
  • Spinal stenosis- It happens when the spinal cord narrows, leading to nerve pain.
  • Disc problems like bulging disc, herniated disc, etc.
  • Myofascial pain syndrome is mainly muscle pain.

Well, to be frank, it is challenging to bring out the exact cause of back pain. But you better not take any rushed decision or undergo any medical procedure without knowing the cause and instead seek a doctor’s help. A back pain specialist may be able to help better in back pain treatment. Treating back pain without knowing the cause can make it even worse. 

Non-surgical back pain treatments

  1. Physiotherapy– Exercise is one of the best treatments that can solve your back pain. This is the first treatment that you should try, but of course, do it under a physiotherapist’s guidance. It may not work for everybody, and the exercises need to be tailored according to the condition and symptoms of your back pain. You have to maintain this exercise at home as well to see better results.
  2. Meditation and mindfulness- Chronic back pain can frustrate you both mentally and physically. To manage frustration, depression, irritability, and other psychological aspects, you may consult a rehabilitation psychologist. They can suggest yoga, meditation, and further relaxation and cognitive strategies as a back pain treatment,which will help you keep your mind away from the pain.
  3. Healthy dietCertain diets are incredibly provocative, exceptionally high in fats, sugars, processed foods, etc. You must see your dietician who can help you prepare a proper diet chart, excluding those foods that can increase your back pain, when you maintain a healthy weight. It can help you to reduce the pressure exerted on the spine lessening your back pain. This back pain treatment can be excellent if you follow it strictly.
  4. Change in lifestyle- When you are suffering from back pain, you have to adapt and accept all your limitations. Take a break from the strenuous activities like carrying heavy grocery bags, too much climbing up and down the stairs, etc.; make a note of all those activities that make the pain even worse, and try to avoid doing that as much as possible. Your back will feel much better and prevent it from advancing.

These back pain treatment methods can do wonders and prevent you from undergoing surgery. But no matter whatever you do, you must always consult a back pain specialist.