Foot Drop: The Best Treatments Available In Singapore
Foot drop, also known as drop foot, is a medical condition that causes a person to lose the ability to lift the front part of their foot. They could encounter difficulties walking, standing, or generally moving their affected foot because of this condition. According to Mayo Clinic, foot drop is not a disease—it is a neurological, anatomical, or muscular issue that causes the front foot muscles to temporarily or permanently get paralysed. If a foot specialist in Singapore diagnosed you with this condition, do not fret and lose hope since there are numerous treatment options available in the state. Like remedies for bunions, foot drop treatments are possible without surgery. However, only a doctor can tell which one works best for the state and cause of your condition. Scroll through to learn about your treatment options for foot drop:

Taking Medications

One of the simplest foot drop treatment options is taking medications. If your condition is mild, your specialist may prescribe specific medicines to help your foot regain movement and feeling.

Wearing Prescription Medical Devices

Orthotics devices such as braces and shoe inserts are great remedies for various foot conditions. Aside from foot drop, specialists recommend these devices as Achilles tendonitis treatment in Singapore.

Attending Physical Therapy Sessions

Signing up for physical therapy is ideal for regaining movement and reducing numbness. It is an effective foot drop treatment since it can eliminate stiffness and help your feet and ankles maintain a natural range of motion.

Undergoing Surgery

If your feet are not responding to other non-invasive treatments, your specialist may ask you to undergo an operation to help your feet regain strength and mobility. Aside from foot drop, surgery is the best severe bunions and nail fungus treatment in the state. Find out which foot drop treatment options above are ideal for your condition by talking to an expert at ECPC! Visit their website below to learn more about their trusted medical centre in Singapore.
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