What are the perks of 5D pregnancy ultrasound which often get neglected?

5D ultrasound is the latest imaging system based on sound wave technology. It is also called HD Live because it gives a clear picture of the womb. You can get a quality picture much superior to the 3D or 4D imaging systems. Pregnant ladies can undergo the advanced ultrasound scanning to understand the condition of the baby in the womb. Doctors can help patients in taking precautionary steps to enhance the health of the baby and mother.

Better Depth Perception 

The depth perception you can achieve with 5D ultrasound is very high. The images captured with the machine will be very crisp. You can celebrate your motherhood by watching the growth of the baby from the early stages.

When can you go for scan?

Pregnant mothers can undergo 5D scanning in between 31 and 35 weeks of Pregnancy Ultrasound. Even though you can watch the baby growth after eight weeks of pregnancy, you can consult your physician to get the best advice. It is a beautiful and memorable experience to understand how your baby grows inside the womb at this stage.

Watch Baby Movements 

With the help of the highly sophisticated probe, the baby’s expressions can be captured efficiently. Would-be parents eager to watch the baby’s movements such as smiling, yawning, and winking can notice with the 5D ultrasound machine.

The exact position of the baby can be found. As you change the light’s position, you can also notice the baby’s lips, nose, and eyelids.

Safety of Usage Of 5d Ultrasound 

As per the FDA and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 5d ultrasound scanning can be used safely on pregnant ladies. There will not be undesirable effects on the growing fetus. Unlike X-rays or radiation, ultrasound waves can be used without any risk. 

Perks for doctors 

  • The doctors can monitor the fetus in a very efficient way with the 5D ultrasound scanning help.
  • It is a smart technology and gives precise details about baby growth.
  • Some ailments, such as Down Syndrome, can be identified very early using 5D technology.
  • Precise pictures can be preserved for future medical diagnosis purposes. If there are any defects due to the birth of twins or triplets, doctors will be able to analyze the cause and resolve them in a better way.

Perks For Parents 

  • Parents can get the most memorable picture of their baby right in the womb. Parents would love to know the progress of the baby’s growth. It can be tracked very efficiently and precisely with the help of 5D Baby Ultrasound Perth.
  • Parents can record their babies’ videos in CD, DVD, or a pen drive, and they can be retained throughout their life. When the baby is grown up, the video recordings can be handed over as a surprise gift.
  • Parents can view baby’s facial characteristics in a precise way.

Superior Technology 

Even though 3D and 4D are similar to 5D ultrasound, it is a superior technology. With 2D, you will get black and white images. The images will be displayed on the monitor. With 3D, doctors get better images. They will be able to identify birth defects in the growing fetus. With 4D, you will get real-time moving videos. If there are fetal health issues, doctors will take the corrective measure. 5D delivers the best facial features, and you can take precise snaps with the help of the virtual lighting source.

If you are going for an ultrasound, you should get it done by trained professionals. As there many benefits with 5D ultrasound, pregnant mothers cannot afford to miss it.