Insights on Plant-based Protein Alternatives from Herbalife

Herbalife has a wide variety of top-notch nutritional products that can help you, your family, and friends live a healthy life. Among the company’s nutritional product lines are plant-based protein alternatives. Plant-based protein’s popularity is largely due to its nutritional content and environmental-friendliness. Here are insights on plant-based protein alternatives from Herbalife.

The Vegetarian Options – Formula 1 Select and Protein Drink Mix Select

This world-leading nutrition and wellness company recently launched Formula 1 Select and Protein Drink Mix Select, the plant-based protein alternatives for vegetarians. According to some Herbalife reviews, the two products offer consumers options for cleaner, carefully crafted protein sources:

  • Certified for nutritional needs: The American Vegetarian Association has certified both the Formula 1 Select and Protein Drink Mix Select. In addition to this, the Herbalife ingredients are certified gluten and kosher free.

  • Nourishing goodness: Neither of the two labels has any artificial sweeteners and flavors.

  • Plant-based protein: These two products are made up of organic, easily digestible plant-based proteins. They are derived from a blend of rice, pea, and quinoa proteins. They will satisfy hunger and aid in weight management. Make sure you consult a reputable physician before starting on a weight management program.

  • High in essential nutrients: The Protein Drink Mix Select contains 24 vitamins and minerals, and the Formula 1 Select has 21 vitamins and minerals. Each serving of these nutritional labels will help you fill gaps in your daily nutritional intake.

The Vegan Option – Tri Blend Select

Tri Blend Select from Herbalife is a 100% vegan protein shake formulated using naturally-sourced, organic, and wholefood ingredients. This new product is designed to increase protein and fiber intake. It also offers essential vitamins and minerals and delightful flavors. Some ingredients of Tri Blend Select include proteins from quinoa, flax seeds, and peas. Flax seeds are a crucial ingredient for this blend as it delivers its premium deliciousness and offers essential amino acids. This product is available in select markets in Europe.

The Herbalife ingredients for Tri Blend Select are sourced from farming communities the company has been working with for years. These farmers are masters at their craft. They’ve been farming in the same area with the same methods for centuries. This allows them to grow the very best products while nurturing the land and protecting the environment.

Plant-Based Proteins Are a Sound Alternative

It’s no secret that rearing animals for proteins is devastating to the environment. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that rearing livestock for meat, eggs, and milk contributes at least 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the second-largest source of emissions, even greater than all transportation combined.

On the other hand, farming plant-based proteins like soy releases between 7 and 70 times fewer greenhouse gases compared to beef and other animal-based proteins. Moreover, it takes roughly 163 times less land to grow a kilogram of plant-based proteins than beef. For this reason, plant-based proteins have emerged as the sound alternative to animal-based proteins. This popularity is not just on the environment preservation front but also on the nutritional value offering.

About Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition was launched in 1980, and for four decades, has been offering quality products that support the personalized needs of the healthy living and wellness community. Today, millions of people enjoy the brand’s nutritional products globally. Herbalife is built on a foundation of trust to build long-lasting relationships and the company continuously monitors its quality control systems to ensure that its nutritional products comply with government regulations.