What Hand Conditions May Need Hand Surgery in Singapore?

Have you ever thought hard about the roles our hands play in our lives? Whether you’re the greatest musician or artist, or just an average person, hands are important to us for many reasons. Your hands may be one of the most important parts of your body, used in almost all of our everyday activities. Without them, completing even the simplest of tasks would be difficult, if not impossible.

Unfortunately, the intricate internal structures in our hands are not invulnerable to issues. Pains or medical issues can lead to poorer performance with our hands. That’s why a hand doctor in Singapore may be your saving grace if you have any medical conditions that affect your hands.

When hand conditions require hand surgery

It’s not always a serious case if you need to see a hand specialist in Singapore for hand pains or other injuries. But if you find that the pain is starting to get unbearable or you’re having difficulty with performing simple activities with your hands, it might be a cause of concern. Some hand disorders and conditions may only be resolved with hand surgery.

Here are a few hand and wrist conditions that require hand surgery in Singapore.

1. Arthritis.

The most common is osteoarthritis which can give you stiff joints, loss of motion, and pain.

2. Carpal tunnel syndrome.

 Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a major nerve gets compressed over the carpal bones. This can result in a tingling, burning, or numb sensation in the hands.

3. Hand and wrist fractures.

Broken bones in your hand or wrist can result in extreme pain and loss of movement in the affected area.

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