4 FAQs About Sinusitis Treatment Options In Singapore

Every ENT doctor in Mount Elizabeth will agree that your sinus is a crucial component of your respiratory system. If you look at an image of a human’s facial anatomy, you will see sinuses as a pair of meagre, hollow, air-filled cavities or craters behind the forehead and cheekbones. They link to the nasal passages to create an intricate drainage and airflow system as you breathe in and out of your nose or mouth.

Additionally, your sinus produces mucus to lubricate your nasal cavities and passageways. This viscous substance aids in keeping foreign bodies like allergens, pollutants and germs out of your respiratory system, protecting you from different health issues and saving you a trip to a sinus specialist.

But like virtually every body part, your sinus can face different medical issues that could affect its functionality. Sinusitis is one of these concerns, which may require a visit to a sinus specialist in Singapore.

What Is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the tissues lining the sinuses. It is a prevalent condition that often results from viral or bacterial (or both) infections. If you have a cold or flu, the virus that caused this ailment can spread to your sinus and cause it to swell. Fungal infections and tooth concerns can also result in sinusitis, requiring you to get treatment from a Singapore specialist.

If you are troubled with sinusitis, you will experience discomfort and tenderness around your forehead, eyes, and cheeks. You will also face headaches, a blocked nose, increased body temperature, and a compromised sense of smell. As soon as you notice these symptoms, do not think twice about seeing an ENT doctor at Mount Elizabeth.

Sinusitis Treatment: Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to modern medical advancements, residents like you now have numerous sinusitis treatment options in Singapore. But before undergoing one, you should learn about them and the condition they are trying to address. Scroll through to see the four frequently asked questions about sinusitis and the remedies that treat it:

1. Can Sinusitis Be Cured On Its Own?

Unlike sleep apnea which requires immediate treatment in Singapore, sinusitis can go away without a visit to a specialist. If you rest and look after yourself at home, this condition may clear up within two to three weeks.

2. What Are The Home Remedies For Sinusitis?

An ENT doctor may recommend patients like you follow a few home remedies if your sinusitis is still mild. They will ask you to hydrate, eat food items with antibacterial properties, or use devices like humidifiers, neti pots, or warm compresses to alleviate symptoms and improve your condition.

3. What Medications Treat Sinusitis?

Aside from following a few at-home remedies, your specialist may ask you to take over-the-counter pain medications or antibiotics to address your ailment. They may also recommend nasal sprays and saline solutions as sinusitis treatment options.

4. What Happens If Sinusitis Is Left Untreated?

If you do not seek medical care from an ENT doctor to treat your sinusitis, the infection can spread to your meninges or the covering that protects your spinal cord and brain. It can also affect your eyes and bones, causing them to lose functionality.

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