5 Tips to Avoid Getting an ACL Injury in Singapore
Similar to how you can avoid getting a frozen shoulder in Singapore, there are tips you can do to prevent an ACL injury. If you don’t know, this issue occurs when you tear or sprain your anterior cruciate ligament, causing immense pain. In worse cases, athletes with this condition never return to their full strength. Due to this reason, prevention is crucial, and sports players take the necessary steps to minimise their risk. In this article, learn about five tips to help you avoid getting an ACL injury.

1. Warm Up Before Participating

Stiff muscles and ligaments increase the risk of ACL injury in Singapore. Doing warm-up exercises loosens them and reduces your risk or minimises the severity of injuries. Participating in physical activities without warming up puts you at risk of other issues aside from an ACL tear.

2. Use Proper Footwear

There is a reason why sports footwear exists, especially those specialising in certain activities. Depending on what you will do, wearing the appropriate shoes helps you balance yourself and reduce your chances of tripping or twisting your feet. Additionally, ensure that your footwear fits you properly and wear other necessary sports gear to avoid an ACL injury.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Consuming meals poor in essential nutrients weakens your body, increasing your risk of having an ACL injury. It is crucial for athletes or individuals active in sports to eat a balanced diet. Doing so improves your overall performance and strengthens your body.

4. Practice Proper Technique

Using the proper technique when participating in physical activities reduces your chances of getting an ACL injury. Remember that they minimise your risk and do not prevent injuries completely.

5. Consult With an Orthopedic Doctor

Scheduling regular appointments with an orthopedic doctor in Singapore is essential in maintaining your health. Additionally, they can detect if your risk of an ACL injury is high, providing you with recommendations to avoid it. Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Centre offers various services for numerous disorders and problems, such as ACL injury and replacement knee surgery. Visit their website today for more information.
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