Postnatal Care In Singapore | 4 Health Conditions To Expect After Giving Birth

A woman’s body undergoes tons of changes during and after pregnancy. After all, the pregnancy journey is physically demanding and draining. In return, mummies experience several health conditions, such as the post partum belly. It is why postnatal care in Singapore is important to ensure the health of the mummies whilst they experience some complications. Here are some of the complications mummies can encounter after giving birth:

1. Divarication of recti

Divarication of recti or the abdominal separation happens when the linea alba is stretched; the abdominal muscles separate, creating at least a three-centimetre gap. The woman’s abdomen stretches when the foetus grows inside the womb. The gap can be repaired through diastasis recti exercises.

2. Postpartum urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence in Singapore typically happens to older people, but it can also occur in pregnant women. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary passing or leakage of the urine due to the loss of bladder control. The pelvic floor muscles and other muscles surrounding the bladder weaken as the foetus grows in the womb. The muscles cannot contract or relax properly, thus losing control of the bladder. Exercises and other non-conservative treatments can solve urinary incontinence in Singapore

3. Infection

Mothers who undergo c-section or natural birth are prone to infection. The incision wounds from a c-section delivery are susceptible to germs, similar to vaginal tearing for those who hand normal birth. Proper wound care is the key to preventing infection. Your postnatal care provider in Singapore needs to regularly monitor your condition.

4. Postpartum depression

People often mistake baby blues for postpartum depression. Unlike the other mentioned complications, such as the divarication of recti, postpartum depression affects mental health rather than physical. Frequent mood swings, guilt, anxiety, and embarrassment, are only a few of many symptoms of postpartum depression. Postnatal care in Singapore is essential in managing these conditions mummies may encounter after childbirth. Orchard Clinic provides postnatal care services for mummies! Visit Orchard Clinic today.
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