We Live Once, Enjoy Life with remedial massage Brunswick.

Remedial massage Brunswick is a form of deep tissue massage that focuses on releasing muscle tension and eliminating trigger points in muscles that might be causing pain elsewhere in your body. Remedial massage Brunswick makes it perfect for decreasing chronic pain, increasing muscle flexibility, and relieving stiffness.

What to be aware of

  • Sessions usually last about 60 minutes (though this can depend on the severity of your symptoms) and involve one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist. The therapist will first take an initial assessment to identify any potential causes of muscle pain before performing a gentler warm-up to loosen tight muscles.
  • The therapist will then spend a lot of time concentrating on the muscles in your back. They will likely focus on the muscles around your lower back, as this is more likely to cause pain after sitting at a desk or in one position. The therapist might also assess your neck and shoulder area if those are often tight and sore after periods of typing at work.
  • Whilst massaging the stiff area, a therapist might also use passive stretching techniques to relax stiff muscles and prevent them from becoming tight again to reduce pain. This will be done using slow movements applied directly against the power.
  • Once the warm-up is complete, the therapist will focus on working on the stiff muscles in your back muscles.
  • They will focus on releasing muscles through deep, compression-like movements to make them more flexible. Whilst performing this, they may also implement some trigger point release techniques to break up any knots of tension in the muscle itself. It is important to note that any active (movement) exercises or stretching techniques must be avoided during this stage as they could cause further injury and worsen your symptoms.
  • The therapist will use various massage techniques to work out each muscle and help relax them while you lie comfortably on a treatment table.
  • Once the therapist has worked out any knots of muscle tension, you will move on to passive (non-moving) stretching to improve overall muscle flexibility.
  • If your symptoms are severe enough, your therapist may also request that you use therapeutic exercise techniques at home to improve overall muscle function and reduce pain. The therapist would provide these and a personalized exercise plan for your specific conditions and needs.
  • Regular sessions with a qualified remedial massage Brunswick specialist will help rid you of chronic neck and back pain caused by long periods of inactivity during the day whilst also improving overall mobility in your back muscles.


Remedial massage Brunswick is an effective, safe, long-lasting solution to reduce muscle pain. And with the help of a remedial massage brunswick therapist, your symptoms could be a thing of the past in as little as 4 – 6 weeks.