Bad posture has an impact on your spinal cord, without any doubt. If you work long hours in front of the computer, then your back pain is bound to intensify over time. When you start to suffer from back pain, you feel that this is now a part of life and something you will have to live with for the time to come. But that is not true. Physiotherapist Ajax can help you relieve you from this pain and help you go back to the life you had before experiencing this lower back pain. Exercises by are tailored around the pain you feel, whether in the lower back or any other part of the body.

What happens in lower back pain?

One of the leading causes of lower back pain is Lumbar disc irritation, which is also referred to as a pain in the buttocks and thighs. The lumbar discs are usually irritated by the positions of prolonged and repeated and loaded flexion. When you are sitting, bending, or lifting, it causes inflammation in the disc, which starts to irritate a local nerve if it is left unaddressed. This nerve irritation could cause unusual and persistent pain or numbness in the buttock of the leg. So whenever you feel the backache, you crib about how you have grown so old. This pain is common throughout all age groups. The prolonged hours of working or studying can take a physical toll on our bodies and cause irritation of the nerve.

What to do when you are suffering from lower back pain?

When you are suffering from lower back pain, you really need to exercise one thing. Exercising that area can help to relieve you from the pain in the longer run. There are specialized exercises. A physiotherapist would guide you through the process and help you relieve this pain and feel younger again. They are specially trained in these exercises to relieve localized pains. They would analyze your pain and posture and create a tailored plan which is best suited for your needs. These plans also include exercises that can help to bring down the chances of pain reoccurring.

What are some exercises to relieve back pain?

Knee roll is one of the most helpful exercises. In this exercise, you lie on your back and relax your muscles. Then you let your knees roll out to the right side while keeping your upper back straight. Then you move your legs to the left side. This would help loosen your lower back’s joints and stretch out the muscles and bring you relief.

The second exercise is lumbar roll, in which you use a lumbar roll while you are driving or sitting. Using a lumbar roll would help you to maintain the natural curve of your back. This helps in the reduction of stress on your joints.Doing these exercises after a long day of sitting or heavy lifting can be highly beneficial, as they would stretch out your lower back.