Top 5 Smart Ways of Avoiding Ankle Sprains

It is common to experience ankle injuries as an athlete or if you enjoy being physically active. You are more likely to experience sprains than other forms of ankle injuries, and it is critical to understand how you can avoid them. The ankle sprain specialists like Mathew Hinderland, DPM, of Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado, advise patients to adopt preventative practices to minimize the risks for ankle sprains. These include making some lifestyle changes, stretching and strengthening exercises to your ankle, and practicing balance training. Experts have found such practices play a significant role in handling ankle injuries like sprains. Here is more material for you.

Boost Your Range of Motion

You can avoid ankle sprains through several ways of improving your range of motion. You can lie down on your back, raise your legs, and bend your hips at a 90-degree angle. You can also warm up your ankle by gently making circles with your feet while seated on a chair. Also, you can consider making a move on your feet, like pushing a gas pedal by simply moving the foot back and forth. Try tracing alphabet letters in the air using your foot while seated on a chair. However, anything that feels uncomfortable should not be done.

Stretch and Strengthen Your Ankle

Ankle sprains will no longer be a problem when you stretch and strengthen your ankle. You can massage all areas around your ankle, including Achilles and calves, with your knuckles by applying moderate pressure. You can also try calf stretches by holding your hands against the wall at shoulder height, making your left leg rest flat on the ground, and stretching your right foot fully straight but comfortable. You can then alternate the position by interchanging the legs.

Promote Balance

Improving balance will help you avoid ankle sprains. Try balancing on each leg while raising the other first with your eyes open and then closed. You can also try half squats with one leg while your eyes are opened and then with closed eyes. You can opt to do about ten half squats with one leg and switch to the other leg. Remember to have your arms straightened ahead to add some balance.

Support and Protect Your Ankle

Protecting and supporting your ankle when engaging in your favorite activity can limit your chances of ankle sprains. Ensure you wear well-fitting shoes, professional braces, or tape your ankles. Ensure you research or consult your provider on how to do every practice right to ensure you provide the best support to your ankle while doing your activities.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Making some lifestyle changes like improving your diet can help you avoid ankle sprains. Make your diet anti-inflammatory by investing in lean proteins like fish and getting more fresh greens. Also, work with your doctor to maintain a healthy weight to help take some extra pressure off your ankle and other joints. Additionally, you can learn to do low-impact cardio exercises like swimming, dancing, brisk walking, aerobics, and fast yoga for about 30 minutes every day.

Dr. Hinderland can help you manage your ankle sprains and also guide you on how to avoid the condition in the future. With better care for your ankle, you can get to enjoy your favorite activity with little complications. Book your consultation appointment with Dr, Hinderland for more information.