What Kind Of Equipment You Need For Extracting CBD?

Before consumers can buy CBD oil, it must be extracted from cannabis. That is what extraction equipment is for. Many people are interested about this equipment and wonder which type of machine is the best for the money. Below is more information.

BOSS CO2 Extraction System

This equipment made by Quadron Cannatech uses automated controls that reduce the need for manual valves and is made to make the unload and load times as short as humanly possible. This allows for more production capacity. According to the company, it is possible to process about 20 pounds of cannabis in only four hours. There can be up to six runs per day.


For all CBD extraction, throughput is vital for process improvement. For instance, this product from Supercritical Fluid Technologies can work at subcritical and supercritical levels by just making a few adjustments. Scalability and flexibility are always important for extracting CBD because the demand for the product can rise dramatically in just hours.

Hi-Flo FX2 20L 5K

This product for CBD extraction is know for its power and throughput. It can process up to 100 pounds of cannabis per day, and the extractor allows for as much as 5000 PSI.

If you are considering buying your own equipment, it is vital to think about the space required for this complex machinery. You need to have the right systems, space, and infrastructure in place to make the best CBD oil. Most people say that the minimum space you should have for operating this equipment is 2,000 square feet.

Also note that there are rules about working CBD equipment at home, and what you can do legally varies by state. You also may need to have a license to own and operate this equipment.

Further, you need to understand the maintenance and cleaning requirements for this equipment. You need to do cleaning between runs or at least every week for all extraction machines.

As far as which CBD extraction process is best, it depends on what your end product is:

  • CBD extract is a substance that is oily and can be a dark black paste or honey color and with the same consistency.
  • Cannabidiol is often used in beauty products, such as masks, serums, gels, and lotions.
  • CBD capsules are in pill form and are used for supplements
  • CBD concentrates are extracts with high potency and have a lot of cannabidiol.