What is the area coverage for this appointment?

What is the area coverage for this appointment?

Have you heard about the word full health checkup? If you have not heard about it, then you have come to the right article. In this article, we are going to talk about the meaning of full health checkup and its importance. What is a health checkup? A health checkup is a medical appointment (temujanji) that you made in order to get your health checked by your doctor. It is a procedure that you can choose in order to know more about your own health. So, how do you apply for this appointment? It is very easy. You just need to go to any hospital or health clinic and ask them if they offer a full health checkup. Usually, they do offer this health checkup and you can just sign up for it. After that, they will set a date for your appointment and there you go, you have your first full body health checkup. You might want to know what the area coverage is for this type of appointment. Do not worry, we got you covered. Continue reading to know more about what they will do in this appointment.

  1. Early consultation

The very first thing that your doctor will do after you meet him is to ask you some important questions about your health. The questions can be regarding your current health, your lifestyle, your current disease, medication, medical history and also family history. All of these are very unnecessary in order to know more about your health and to look at any diseases that you might have. If you have a current disease, your doctor might want to ask more about that so that he can get a lot of information regarding the disease and its severity.

  1. Physical examination

The next thing that your doctor would want to do is to do some checks on your body. You might need to lie down on a table and let the doctor perform his duty here. Usually, the doctor will go through your body systems one by one. They will perform checks on your abdomen, head, hand, chest, leg and also any other body parts that they think are necessary. If needed, they also will need to test your vision, gait and your genitalia. Make sure you relax yourself and let the doctor do their job so that there would not be any issue during the examination.

  1. Lab test

If your doctor found something that they need to clarify, they need to order some lab tests. This lab test is necessary in order to confirm their diagnosis. For these tests, some samples from your body are needed. This can be your blood, saliva or any other body fluid depending on your required test. Here, you might need to undergo some simple procedure in order for your doctor to be able to take the sample from your body. Procedure such as blood taking procedure is the most common in this case because your blood can give a lot of information about your current health.

  1. Result

Lastly, it is time to know about your result. If all the examinations are fine and there is no need to undergo a lab test, then your doctor will most probably say that your condition is good. But, if there is a need for a lab test to confirm your diagnosis, you might have to wait for a few days until the result comes out. Then, based on the result, your doctor will then decide whether you are having a disease or not and what to do about it.