Is Ultratooth Appropriate For You?

Anybody who has ever lost a tooth knows how difficult and humiliating it can be to have a gap in your mouth for even a day, especially if it is visible whenever you smile. Whereas dental implants have made it feasible to restore a tooth with a crown and post, which looks and feels like your natural teeth, the typical treatments still take time. Luckily, with the advanced Ultratooth dental implants, you can instantly insert a crown and post in the gap left in your mouth following an extraction. At Sargon Dental, San Dansie, DDS, and Sargon Lazarof, DDS, provide Ultratooth implantation at the office to patients in Encino, West Hollywood, CA, and Pleasant Grove, Utah. To find out more about West Hollywood Ultratooth, arrange an appointment through mobile or book online.

What Are Ultratooth Implants, And How Do They Work?

Biodent® manufactures Ultratooth implants, which are instant load dental implants. The term “instant load” refers to how quickly they merge with your bone, lowering the chance of complications and hastening your recovery.

In the past, obtaining dental implants used to take at least three appointments spread out across several months. On the other hand, ultratooth implants can recreate your smile in just a single day.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Ultratooth Implants?

Ultratooth implants can help you if you have lost one or more permanent teeth because of dental trauma, gum disease, or cavities. UltraTooth could also be used to replace a tooth that needs to be extracted. When a tooth is extracted, your Sargon Dental practitioner may replace it with an Ultratooth implant right away.

What Are The Advantages Of Ultratooth Implants?

Ultratooth implants enhance your smile while reducing the likelihood of potentially catastrophic problems such as gum recession, teeth shifting, and bone loss. Other benefits of this advanced oral solution include:

  • They offer instant outcomes
  • No recovery time is necessary
  • It makes chewing and biting comfortable
  • Enhances your general dental health

Ultratooth implants might even make you look younger by replacing missing teeth. They achieve this by minimizing the sagging and wrinkling of the skin surrounding your mouth.

What Is The Procedure For Placing Ultratooth Implants?

Ultratooth implant insertion at Sargon Dental is an outpatient surgery typically takes less than an hour.

Before inserting the implants, your specialist performs an oral exam and obtains X-rays to guide therapy. Then, under local anesthesia, they carefully place the ultratooth implants into your jaw. The number of implants you obtain is determined by the number of missing teeth and the type of treatment you choose.

Ultratooth implants are a game-changer. Their shape quickly fuses with your bone, letting you talk, chew, and bite with confidence.

What To Expect Following An Ultratooth Implants Procedure?

After receiving Ultratooth implants, you may immediately resume school, work, or other routine activities. There is no downtime required or pain. However, for a day or two, your gums may feel more sensitive than normal, but over-the-counter pain relievers can offer you relief.

If you have a missing tooth and want to know if Ultratooth® is appropriate for you, contact Sargon Dental. Call the office or request an appointment online to get started.