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Is PRP Hair Treatment Effective?

PRP therapy has been a pioneer to cure injuries relating to joint, arthritis, or tendinitis. But recently, it is observing growing popularity among cosmetic surgeries too. Hair replacement specialists use the PRP injections to treat hair losses and dermatologists use the same for treating pattern baldness.

How Effective is it?

The individuals who underwent the PRP treatments reported 30-40% regrowth of hair. This is great news in the favour of PRP hair treatment. There were also extensive studies conducted to check the efficacy of this treatment and 11 research papers were published highlighting the results. And every patient who underwent the study had reported a positive report once they were subjected to the injections. The injections improved the density and the hair growth in the participants with an increase in their hair diameter. Besides these, there were multiple such studies and every one of them had proven to be positive. Scientists declared this technique to be a promising solution to fight hair loss. Next, this procedure was put into a standardised application that is used in modern-day therapies.

What is the Process?

There are a few specific steps you need to stay aware of before receiving the process:

  • There might a cease in your intake of medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin. This is a measure to control blood thinning.
  • Supplements like omega-3 fatty acids or certain vitamins might be put to discontinuation. The doctor will be taking you through more details in this step.
  • Though not involving a lot of side effects, this is a process that will require drawing your blood. Consuming something before the process is recommended to avoid light-headedness.
  • You must ensure your health insurance is covering the treatment. As multiple sessions might be required, your budget can cross at a time.

The process will involve the doctor drawing your blood from your arm vein. After centrifuging the sample, he’d be spinning it further to part the PRP from the main blood. He will then inject out the platelets and numb your site of treatment. After that, the plasma will be injected into those sites for treatment. The session might take over an hour and you might require multiple sessions.

The PRP treatment reverses the process of androgenic alopecia to help your hair grow back. And Clinicare’s PRP hair loss treatment is a technique that takes pride in their highly skilled specialists making this a success every time an individual steps in.