Why You Should Visit an Emergency Care Physician

Two young doctors working on a patient in the emergency room at a hospital

Have you ever experienced a life-threatening condition that makes you fear for your life? You would need a Downey emergency medicine physician trained and experienced in handling different health complications during an emergency. You may need emergency care if you suddenly lose consciousness, feel confused, or experience chest pain, breathing difficulties, and severe bleeding. Although you might walk into a primary doctor’s office with these concerns, they will recommend emergency care to save your life. You may see an emergency doctor if you have these symptoms.

Excessive Bleeding and Deep Cuts

Deep cuts are difficult to manage as they lead to excessive bleeding, and you might need urgent care to address the problem. You should rush to the emergency room if you get in an accident that leaves you with an open trauma wound. The open wound might get infected, leading to serious complications which are difficult to treat. Emergency room physicians are trained to handle excessive bleeding and close wounds leading to fast healing and the prevention of infections.

Difficulties Breathing                      

Breathing promotes oxygen intake and keeps the internal organs and the brain healthy, and developing breathing difficulty can be life-threatening. Breathing difficulties reduce the oxygen intake into the lungs and alter the removal of carbon dioxide and other toxins from the blood. Moreover, it indicates serious conditions such as COVID-19, which require immediate medical attention. Your doctor might recommend breathing assistance which increases oxygen intake and removes carbon dioxide from the body.

Moreover, difficulty breathing might indicate heart disease such as stroke. Stroke patients might have difficulty breathing, leading to inadequate oxygen supply to the brain. A stroke might occur if there is a blockage in the blood vessels in the heart. The blockage cuts the blood supply to the brain leading to the death of the brain cells resulting in nerve death and the inability to control certain body parts like the arms.

Loss of Consciousness and Confusion

You might lose consciousness if a blunt object hits your head. The loss of consciousness might result from the impact on the brain’s nerves, leading to an inability to do everyday activities. Sometimes the loss of consciousness might be temporary and will reverse if you rest. However, the confusion might persist for a long time if it is caused by a memory loss health issue like dementia.

Feelings of Self Harm

Mental health issues can make you feel like harming yourself, and you may need urgent care to avoid such feelings. Anxiety and severe depression can lead to suicide, making an individual question their self-worth. An emergency doctor will provide the right medications which calm you down and prevent self-harm thoughts. However, eventually, you will need therapy and behavioral change to overcome the feelings.

You might not know when to visit a regular hospital or the emergency clinic, but if you have serious symptoms, it is safe to choose an emergency clinic. The emergency clinics treat different health conditions leading to improved health. After assessing your situation, your primary doctor might determine if you need emergency care and recommend a physician who meets your needs. However, you visit the emergency room if you have a deep wound and excessive bleeding to avoid life-threatening blood loss. You will need urgent care if you have difficulty breathing, feelings of self-harm, and loss of consciousness.