Different Sleep Positions For Back Pain

Below, you will find some of the best sleep positions that you should try out if you are suffering from either low or upper back pain. Start with the right mattress for your sleeping position, read these Tempurpedic mattress reviews. It will also detail some of the other things you should be doing to get optimal sleep.

  1. Sleep On Your Side With a Pillow For Your Knees

If you find that laying directly on your back is uncomfortable, you should attempt to shift completely on your side.

– Keep your right or left should in full contact with the mattress along with the rest of your preferred side

– Use a pillow between your knees

– If a gap exists between the mattress and your side, use a pillow or some other supportive material to close it

– Avoid sleeping on the same side every night as it can sleep to having a muscle imbalance or even back issues like scoliosis

How does it help to sleep in this kind of position? While sleeping directly on your side isn’t going to cure your back pain, doing it properly can help. Putting a supportive pillow in between your knees can be very effective at minimizing back pain. The pillow works to help place your spine in proper alignment.

  1. Use The Fetal Position

If you are someone who suffers from a herniated disc, you should look to attempt to sleep on your side while in the fetal position. Do this:

– Lay directly on your back and then roll to your preferred side

– Try to rotate from left to right each night

How will this sleeping position help? Think of your discs as cushions that exist between each vertebra that exists in your spine. Having a herniated disc can occur when the disc is pushed completed out of alignment which can result in nerve pain and even weakness. By curling your body into the fetal position, you can completely open the space between your vertebrae which can keep some of the pressure off which in turn helps to alleviate the pain.

  1. Sleep Directly On Your Stomach With a Pillow Bracing Your Abdomen

While sleeping on your stomach is certainly not going to be good for your back pain if done improperly, it may help when you do it the right way. 

If you are someone who prefers to sleep directly on your stomach, try this:

– Use a pillow and place it directly under your pelvis area which can help to mediate the extra pressure on your lower back

– If needed, you can use a pillow placed under your head

How does this position help? This position may be beneficial for those who suffer from pain caused by a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. It can be very effective at helping to relieve the added stress caused by these issues.

  1. Sleep Directly On Your Back Using a Pillow Under Your Knees

For those who suffer from back pain, sleeping directly on your back may be the ideal position. Try this:

– Lay completely flat on your back

– Use the right-sized pillow and place it underneath your knees. This can help to tilt your hips and keep your spine in a neutral position by maintaining the natural curvature of your spine

– Use a rolled-up towel underneath your back if needed for even more support

How does this position help? This position will help because it forces equal weight distribution. Therefore, it can ease the excess pressure placed on your body’s pressure points. It can keep your spine in optimal alignment and keep your internal organ in proper alignment, as well. 

  1. Sleep On Your Back Fully Reclined

Are you someone who gets optimal sleep when sleeping in a recliner? While not ideal, it can be good for those who suffer from isthmic spondylolisthesis.