3 Must Buy Non-Medical Face Masks 

A face mask is the ideal protection against germs, dust, and pollutants. Their demand has seen a sudden surge during the current COVID-19 situation. This demand has encouraged many companies to manufacture non-medical face masks for the public since there is a shortage of N-95 masks. However, not all companies have been keeping up with the quality standards. It’s only a limited few manufacturers like Breathe Safely that maintain the quality. And this guide will take you through 3 such highest quality BreatheSafely.ca face masks that you must buy. 

Here we begin! 

  1. Medical Grade Fabric, Reusable Face Masks

These washable masks are so effective because:

  1. They have a high density construction that filters most of the pollutants in the air. 
  2. They will fit you whether you have a big face or a small one because they are provided with a metal strip around the nose bridge that can be pinched so that it fits you. 
  3. The ear loops are soft and elastic. It makes these masks one of the best choices if you have to wear the mask for longer hours. 
  4. They have carbon filters that are anti-static. 
  5. GB2626 Certified KN95 Face Masks

The government has reserved most of the medical grade N95 masks for the medical staff during the current pandemic. Which is why Breathe Safely launched the amazing KN95 face masks for the public. These are the most suitable N95 replacements that have the following attributes.

  1. They have advanced filters that can remove more than 95% particulates > 0.30 microns. 
  2. These CDC certified face masks can easily sterilize the air that you breathe.
  3. PIMA Cotton Face Masks

If you feel suffocated in face masks but still want a highly effective anti-pollution mask, then these PIMA Cotton Face Masks at Breathe Safely are the best choices for you. 

  • These are washable and reusable face masks. Hence, they are entirely cost-effective options. 
  • Their unique design can easily accommodate disposable filters, providing extra safety against pollutants and germs. 
  • They will fit your face to perfection because, (a). their ear loops are adjustable and (b). they have a metal strip that you can pinch around the nose bridge in order to customize the size to offer complete coverage around the nose. 

All in all, these face masks are our top 3 cost effective options for this week. 

You can also visit the website, https://breathesafely.ca/, should you wish to explore more variety.