Knowing More About Shamanic Stuff

Several medicinal plants have outstanding qualities and provide tremendous physical as well as mental benefits.

In recent times people have started to demand the use of such natural remedies to cure any type of their ailment. They do not want to go and spend long tiring hours at the hospitals or the psychologist’s clinic.

One such medicinal substance that is natural and gives high amounts of benefits is known as Rape (Rapay).

Let us know in brief about what this substance is.

Brief Introduction to Rape (Rapay)

The word Rape here is pronounced as “Rapay”. It is a kind of psychotropic substance that tends to relax a person physically and mentally.

The main constituent of this is Nicotiana Rustica. The substance used in this is different from that which is used in cigarettes and cigars. The Nicotine in Rape (Rapay) is completely different from the Nicotine present in cigarettes.

The main thing which has to be kept in mind is that this substance is not smoked because some other sacred plants and materials are also present in it. Hence, it is directly inserted through the nose.

The medicinal substance is also used with some other medicinal substances such as Ayahuasca or Kambo.

The Kind of Environment Required to use Rape (Rapay) 

If you are wanting to use Rape (Rapay) then two things are really important. The first is the kind of mindset or purpose that you have inside and the second is the kind of environment that you have on the outside.

Before wanting to use Rape (Rapay) you must have the purpose of using it in your mind. What makes you use it.

Thereafter, you must focus on getting the quietest and dedicated environment to this service.

The place that you choose must have the intense feeling of rituals and positive energies. This might faster speed up your recovery process.

Effects Experienced by Rape (Rapay) Users 

Many people around the world have started to believe in the healing power of these natural remedies. Hence, more and more people have started to indulge in this practice.

There have been a lot of reviews of various users of Rape (Rapay).

As soon as the substance is taken in through the nose and makes its way to the bloodstream the symptoms start to show. For instance, the person might feel complete relaxation and a state of heightened alertness.

Apart from this, symptoms like vomiting, nausea, crying, extra secretion of saliva, and passage of bowl are quite common.

One must not at all worry about any such symptoms as they are all just clearing out the body which is the actual purpose.

Ceremonies or Retreats for Rape (Rapay)

Just like the Ayahuasca experience Peru is meant to enlighten its users, the Rape (Rapay) substance too has such special ceremonies and retreats.

These retreats focus on just the mental and physical healing of the person.

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