Weight Loss: the Benefits, What Affects Weight Loss

Are you aware that weight loss improves your brain activity? Other than that, it lowers your risk of diseases including arthritis, heart disease, among others. Weight loss also promotes your general well-being, bettering your life quality.

However, losing weight is not simple; it may take longer than you intended. Luckily, with the help and guidance of Fairfax weight-loss counseling specialists, it is possible to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Call Nova Physician Wellness Center today to book your appointment.

What Is Weight-loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling involves techniques to help you achieve your weight loss. It also evaluates any emotional or mental health factors that affect your weight management. Modifying your behaviors and improving your knowledge and perception about food and exercises may help weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Suri includes weight loss counseling on your weight loss program to provide you excellent results. The program also includes medical and physical exams, customized exercise plans, nutrition training, among others.

Your treatment begins with a detailed consultation with Dr. Suri to understand and discuss your perspective about food, eating habits, and your understanding of nutrition. Your provider helps you to identify the harmful behaviors towards your weight-loss goals.

What Are Trigger Foods?

Trigger foods are the type of foods that lead to overeating. They stimulate cravings and cause an emotional connection with the specific food.

Dr. Suri promotes your understanding of trigger foods through nutritional training and behavioral interventions. He also encourages cautiousness on what you are eating and why. It helps control your cravings.

You can strengthen your ability and mindset to resist unhealthy and tempting foods by exposing yourself to them.

What Are the Benefits of Weight-loss Counseling?

Usually, emotional connection to food and cravings are a major setback when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss counseling gives many benefits, including:

  • It helps you to plan on food and shopping to create a healthy environment for weight loss. It may include writing your goals for weight loss and why you are doing it.
  • It helps prepare your mind about healthy eating and reminds you of your goals. Your provider may also suggest buying healthy snacks.
  • After your initial consultation with Dr. Suri, he designs a meal and exercise plan that matches your needs and health status.

A Weight-management program occurs in two phases, including weight loss and weight maintenance. Usually, exercise and diet intake are the major factors to consider when losing and maintaining weight. Hence, it is essential to be careful of the food intake.

What Is Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

Medically- supervised weight loss allows you to achieve successful and long-lasting results safely.

Dr. Suri provides an individualized weight loss plan according to your age, health history, lifestyle, and desired goals. A weight loss program includes:

·         Meal planning.

·         Body composition testing.

·         Medication.

·         Behavioral counseling.

What Results to Expect After a Weight Loss Program?

The results usually vary with different individuals. However, you can be sure to achieve effective and long-lasting results with Dr. Suri during your weight loss program.

If you plan to lose weight and are not sure where to start, contact Nova Physician Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation.