7 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs that You Can Try in 2021

Ayurvedic herbs have maintained an unbeatable reputation as one of the best and the most ancient wellness practices. It is no wonder people, more than ever now, are demanding more ashwagandha products and pills for protecting their health.

Let’s look at seven of the best ayurvedic herbs recommended by an ayurvedic doctor, you have to take for a healthy 2021.

1. Brahmi

Brahmi is a combination of two wonderful and different ayurvedic herbs. These share similar benefits, and we refer to them as bacopa monnieri and Centella Asiatica.

If we called Brahmi the ultimate tonic for your brain, it wouldn’t be wrong. Even the leaves of substance resemble a brain, a clear sign of how the herb will balance your right and left brain hemispheres. It improves your ability to balance your right hemisphere (intuitive) and the left hemisphere (analytical). 

When you balance both your shakti and shiva aspects, you become a more wholesome complete being.

2. Ashwagandha

Popular in the ayurvedic remedy, ashwagandha is a small woody plant native to North Africa and India. The berries and roots of this plant prepare and adaptogen while relieving your body of stress and inducing more calm.

With this herb, you can let go of Cortisol levels, reduce anxiety and sleep better. Additionally, this herb also helps improve male fertility, memory, and muscle growth.

3. Manjistha

Majistha must be on your list of ayurvedic herbs for this year too. The vine grows heart-shaped leaves with a bright red root. This herb has such cooling properties that purify your blood and address the blood dhatus and plasma.

This herb from mountain regions possesses a pungent and dry quality and is specifically more helpful for the pitta imbalance. This anti-inflammatory herb can also help clear your acne and boost your kidney and liver function.

4. Boswellia

This herb comes from the Boswellia serrata tree’s resin. Many refer to it as olibanum and frankincense, too, and you can identify it through the woody and spicy aroma.

If you suffer from inflammatory issues, you will find this herb highly useful because of its inflammation-reducing properties. The herb works in your system to thwart the release of leukotrienes, the compounds that are perpetrators of the inflammation.

Hence, you will find relief from pain, greater movement capacity, and improved mobility with this herb.

5. Turmeric

If you follow the ayurvedic practices, you are undoubtedly familiar with the bright yellow spice turmeric. Apart from being a great flavor-booster, you will find this ayurvedic herb super beneficial for your health. It has super anti-inflammatory powers and some properties of anti-depression too.

If you suffer from sleeping disorders, frequent coughs, joint pains, and similar problems, this pantry staple is the most crucial herb you need to add to your daily health regime.

6. Cumin

Another popular and common ayurvedic herb, right from the Southwest Asia and Mediterranean herb is cumin. Many of you might already be adding it to your curried meals but did you also the herb does wonders for your digestive system and liver?

Apart from being nutty, earthy, and super flavourful, this herb will improve the activity of your digestive enzymes. It will also regulate the functions of your liver and facilitate it in releasing bile more smoothly. When that happens, you will digest food better, including fats.

Furthermore, this herb addresses disorders of bowel syndrome too. If you suffer some symptoms there, you could use this herb to reduce irritability and bloating, and abdominal pain.

7. Amalaki

You may be more familiar with this herb by the name of Amla. Amalaki or Indian gooseberry is Southeast Asia’s native round fruit, packing much goodness inside. It has rich amounts of vitamin C, rejuvenates well, and is powerfully antioxidant.

You must use this herb to balance your doshas, strengthen your immunity, enrich your physiology and enjoy maximized longevity. You may wonder how such a small herb can do all that, but no matter how you consume it regularly, whether in candied form or as powder, you will note remarkable improvements in your health with this.

Final Thoughts

Ayurvedic wellness practices have worldwide recognition and respect. People invest unlimited belief in ayurvedic medicines because of the long-term and side-effects free advantages they provide for our health.

The simple ayurvedic herbs can work unimaginable wonders, boosting our immunity, brain functions, and heart health to protect us against deadly diseases. Try our top seven herbs all through 2021 and experience your health reach the most optimal state ever.