Different Strains for Different Pains


The more people learn about cannabis and medical marijuana, the more they are beginning to realize its true benefits when dealing with different types of pain and discomfort. With cannabis co-ops developing new strains on a regular basis, individuals who rely on CBD or a THC/CBD combination to manage their pain have more and more options to choose from. Growers are taking the strains they know are good for a specific type of pain and developing new hybrids that combine the benefits and make them more appealing to their customers.

The Difference Between THC and CBD

Both THC and CBD are effective at relieving various types of pain. The primary difference between the two components is that THC offers the traditional “high” or “buzz” that many recreational users look for. CBD, on the other hand, offers pain relief properties without the mental fog that medicinal users try to avoid. Some users prefer a blend of both THC and CBD because it gives the best of both worlds without causing an overwhelming sense of euphoria. This type of blend also tends to treat more types of pain than just one individual strain. 


ACDC is one of the most popular of all the cannabis strains. As one of the Sativa strains, it has a relaxing effect on the body but energizes the mind, allowing you to function in a variety of different situations. It contains high concentrations of both CBD and THC for effective pain relief. While the THC offers an enhanced and elevated mood, the CBD provides relaxation and calming properties. Both are good for pain relief and will effectively minimize both acute and chronic forms of pain. ACDC is extremely popular with seasoned users. For those who are used to CBD, trying a small amount first is recommended so you are prepared for any feelings that may be attributed to the THC.

The Kush Family

The Kush family of strains include Blackberry Kush, Master Kush, Afghan Kush, and Cataract Kush, just to name a few. Blackberry and Master Kush strains are both THC-dominant and can provide quick and effective pain relief. They are also able to provide you with feelings of calmness that will allow your body to relax through the pain. Afghan Kush, on the other hand, is CBD-dominant and is incredibly effective for treating nerve pain. It can also cause drowsiness that will help you get the sleep you need to heal properly. Cataract Kush is one of the strongest and most potent of all the pain-relief strains found in cannabis co-ops. 


Harlequin is a fast-acting CBD-dominant Sativa strain that provides all-day pain relief without the haze of the THC. The strain is known for the calming effects it offers, but it does contain a small amount of THC. This will normally not be a problem, but if you have never used a CBD product that contains THC, it’s a good idea to not operate heavy machinery or drive a car until you know how it will affect you. Harlequin is extremely popular for individuals who want a remedy that works quickly. 

Visit Your Local Cannabis Co-op

The professional growers at your local cannabis co-op will be able to answer any questions you may have about THC and CBD-dominant strains of cannabis and medical marijuana. They will also be able to steer you towards effective strains that have a blend of both CBD and THC. Knowing what type of strain helps with each type of pain is the best way to get the relief you need. Get to know the staff of your local cannabis co-op. They have all the answers you need and will help you find the strain that will do the trick.


Elaine Allen
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