5 Natural Remedies to Consider when Preventing Cavities


From among various dental disorders that modern-day individuals suffer from, cavities usually influenced by nutritional deficiencies, bacterial overgrowth, stress, etc., are considered most common. So what happens when you realise you are experiencing excruciating mouth pain due to cavities? 

You probably schedule an appointment with a dentist and get a filling. Now, if you are looking out for alternatives, this particular write-up might help a lot. It explains fundamental principles of preventing cavities and tooth decay naturally. 

  • Brush with Fluoride Toothpaste

Highly competent dentists in the USA,along with other renowned practitioners from all across the globe,experimented and found out that fluoride remineralizes enamel, thus, check cavities to a great extent. Hence, people, regardless of their age, must brush their teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. 

  • Alleviate Phytates in Diet 

Major problems associated with cavity production pinpoints to diet, which impactsteeth’ wellbeing right from when a person is born. Cereals, bread, and pre-prepared items contain phytic acid or phytate. It could be loosely defined as an anti-nutrient that, by blocking the absorption of important minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc., unfortunately, contributes to tooth decay. 

  • Escalate Vitamin D Consumption

Foods containing Vitamin D like eggs, butter, milk, etc., are incredibly essential. They enhance teeth’ resistance to germs. Plenty of clinical trials have shown that maintaining a diet rich in Vitamin D often does not suffer from dental caries. To understand Vitamin D deficiency, look out for signs including muscle weakness, insomnia, myopia, bone malformation, and cognitive impairment. 

  • Drink Green Tea

According to the latest research, people often create a pH imbalance inside the mouth because they sip on caffeinated beverages excessively. Green tea is an amazing substitute, which does not have added sweeteners and flavours. 

It contains polyphenol that serves to be a strong antioxidant and tends off harmful bacteria. Although low acid coffee might seem viable but consuming this daily weakens the entire tooth structure. Thus, it remains no doubt that green tea is an excellent alternative to prevent cavities. 

  • Invest in Top Supplements

We must try supporting primary micronutrients necessary for bone health and control inflammation, thus reverse or prevent cavities altogether. This is specifically more important when a woman has conceived or is lactating. Supplements containing magnesium improves the overall availability of minerals, probiotics stabilize the number of bacteria present inside the mouth, and fish oil strengthening gums. 

Apart from the tips above, experts from Raina Dental Care have repeatedly emphasized on the significance of developing a new oral care routine. According to conventional Ayurveda therapy, swishing the mouth with coconut oil, sunflower oil, or sesame oil can keep plaque at bay, which, when left hardens, and causes cavities. Oil pulling is speculated to have soap-like cleaning and a moisturizing effect. Also, unlike over-the-counter mouthwashes, oils stated do not cause tooth stains or change taste sensation.  

Now that you are aware of the principles that help you prevent cavities, it is important to make sure you follow them. In case of any query or suggestions regarding the post, please feel free to share with us.