How many carbs contain sugar free strawberry glaze?

Carbs are one of the main nutrients that are needed by our body. The main function of carbs, or also known as carbohydrates, is to provide yourself with energy. Carbohydrate that is inside a food will be converted to glucose, a form of sugar in the body. This kind of glucose will act as an energy supplier to your body. So, the more carbs you eat, the more energy you might have. It is of course very important to eat carbs everyday so that it can give you the energy needed in order to do your daily life activities such as working, doing house chores, gardening and so on. Some foods that contain a lot of carbs include rice, bread, oatmeal and also fruit such as avocados. However, eating a lot of carbs might be bad for your health. This is simply because your body will store a lot of glucose, which in turn can give rise to high glucose levels in your body, or known as diabetes.

In order to prevent getting diseases like this, you of course need to reduce and control your intake of daily carbs. Do not eat too much, but do not eat too less. You also need to be wary of some foods that contain a huge amount of carbs such as cake and glaze. In fact, a strawberry glaze might be very delicious but you need to be aware of its nutritional value. In reality, a strawberry glaze contains around 212 gram carbs per serving. That is a very high number of carbs in one serving. This is expected because strawberry glaze is not just made of flour and eggs, it also contains a lot of sugar. If you like to eat strawberry glaze that much, why don’t you eat a sugar free strawberry glaze instead. In a sugar free strawberry glaze, the carbs are only around 2 gram per serving. This is a lot lower when compared to the strawberry glaze that contains sugar.

Your body of course needs to get other nutrition apart from carbs. One of the main nutrients that is equally important as carbs is protein. Protein can usually be found in meat and also fishes. It is very important to help your body build your tissue and muscles. Without protein, you might become weaker and unhealthy. Besides, fruits and vegetables are also considered important because they can give vitamins that are lacking in your body. For instance, vitamin C cannot be manufactured inside your body, so it is very important to take it from outside sources such as fruits. Fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C include various forms of berries, oranges and also cherries.

If you are not the type of person that likes to eat fruit, or maybe you live in an area where fruits are very hard to get, you can always buy yourself a vitamin C supplement. This kind of supplement can be easily bought from various pharmacies or health stores nearby your area. There are a lot of vitamin C supplements to choose from, so how do you choose a good one? A good vitamin C supplement is made of purely fruit and contains no additional material. For instance, vitamin C from Champ is a sugar free product, so it is very healthy and safe to take. If you like to eat fruit such as strawberry, then their most popular product as the sugar free strawberry vitamin C might be your choice. Once you buy a vitamin C supplement, you can take it daily in order to boost your health.