Understanding the growth stages of a marijuana plant 

If you love your marijuana, you’ll try to understand everything that goes into the making of good cannabis. Your plants will be hardy, and the bushes will be healthier. You don’t need excellent gardening skills; all it requires is the correct information.

It will help you if you know about the lifecycle of your marijuana plant. If you have worked with plants and flowers before, you know they require special care to thrive and flourish. This article will provide some helpful insights. Let’s get started.

The four stages in the marijuana plant lifecycle include germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering.

1 – Germination – 24 hours to 14 days 

The first stage starts with germination, which can is done in several ways, in one or seven days. Seeds with a dry, hard, and brownish color are indicators of quality. The germ in the seed comes out as a root. Now, the seed can transfer to a growing medium, like sand, water, etc.

Sativa seeds take a longer time to germinate than Indica. On germinating, two leaves form. It is the signal to the next stage. For rich trichomes, go for feminized seeds.

2 – Seedling 14 to 21 days 

Here, care is crucial. Control of water and fertilizers is essential. Too much of both can affect growth. The critical factor is light in this stage. Cheap and full-spectrum LED lights are ideal for indoor cultivation. Enough light and water promote healthy roots. You will notice marijuana leaves, going towards the next stage.

You will see a single leaflet; when you see 5 or 7 leaves, the seedling stage is complete. The leaf shape and color also depends on the strain- Indica or Sativa.

3 – Vegetative – 21 to 60 days 

Growth is faster in this stage, almost to five inches. The right nutrient supply will ensure healthy buds. The supply of nitrogen at this stage will provide chlorophyll and protein to the plant.

Marijuana plants require more water at this stage. Light always remains an essential growth factor. Flipping of lights and adjustments are vital here.

The vegetative time may differ from one weed strain to another. Other things remaining constant, the plant will move to the next level in 14 to 21 days.

4 – Flowering 45 to 90 days 

The flowering or final stage can be the most prolonged period. It has two sub-phases

a – Pre-flowering stage

The pre-flowering stage begins when the sun sets earlier, and days are shorter; a plant receives less light. In indoor cultivation, you can control the lighting part. Water and fertilizer are again vital here. One can use enriched fertilizers, like potassium and phosphorus-based variety, to speed up growth.

b – Flowering stage

You will notice buds with white pistils and a spicy, pungent aroma in the final flowering stage. The flowering period is also the time to know about the plants’ gender. Female plants have buds, while males have pollen. Mark the females and isolate them to avoid seed production.


Growing weed need not be a challenge if you know the basics. Get the best seeds and smoke your cannabis.

Elaine Allen
the authorElaine Allen