Elder Person and Staying Fit – How Does It Work?


Learning and enjoying the game of golf does not ask age. Most of the golfers who have crossed their 50 years of age think that they are done with their days and would like to take retirement from playing golf.

Studies have shown that over 5.3 million golfers are seniors. If you also wish to make your name in that number, then you must first learn to play golf. You can visit to learn more about playing golf and also how to choose golf gears for you. Visit the webpage to know more.

Age Factors in Seniors

Aging is like reducing the overall body strength with 30% of the normal pace. When compared with the 20 years olds, the muscular mass of the 50-year-old people will be lower and so is the bone strength.

The best way of rectifying the aging issues is by following the routine of strength and corrective exercises.

Corrective Exercises: are ideal for some of the body parts that lack mobility and motor firing patterns. These exercises will also focus on improving the stability of the body muscular mass.

Strength Exercises: are ideal for stabilizing the joints in elders. They promote bone density enhancement, muscular growth, recruitment of more numbers of motor units, and so on.

Now that you know the benefits of these above-mentioned exercises, here are some exercising tips for you.

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Back and Front Hip Loader

  • Take a sturdy chair and place it before you.
  • Place your right foot on the chair.
  • Keep your shoulders and back in a straight line, start stretching both the hands and try to touch your right foot. You can stretch as far as you are comfortable with stretching.
  • Get back to your previous position.
  • Now switch the legs from right to left.

You can perform more than 8 to 12 stretches if you are comfortable with it.

Rotational Hip Loader

  • Place your right foot on the sturdy chair before you.
  • Try and rotate your torso so that you are trying to reach towards the right side of the body.
  • Get back to the original position slowly.
  • Switch legs after a few tries and repeat the process.

You can follow the stretch of more than 10 to 12, if your body supports it.

Hip Loader Side to Side

  • Keep your right foot on the sturdy chair.
  • Bend your torso over towards the left side hip, while you stretch your right hand as well.
  • Now get back to the previous position.

Repeat the exercise steps till your body will not support it.

Exercises are concentrated greatly on the hip because it is the position that requires stiffness during playing golf. Every shot that you take will be because of your body position, and you cannot get into the right position if your hip will not support it.

Aging does not mean that you give up your passion for athletics completely. Age is just a number by keeping your body healthy and fit, you can do wonders.  

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