Why Getting A Health Check-Up Or Screening Make A Financial Sense

Good health is a sign of wellness. We are all too familiar with the adage ‘health is wealth’, yet we often fail to put it to practice and apply the habits behind it to achieve holistic wellness. Being healthy can save you money. It sounds simple, but have we ever considered visiting a doctor for a medical check up in Singapore every now and then? Have we considered minimising high-caloric consumption from fast food meals and junk food?

It’s easier to put into practice following what can satiate our appetite and our heart’s desire. The idea of ordering a pizza, going to your favourite restaurant or fast food can be appealing leisure when we have enough cash in our pockets or every payday. Yet it can risk and threaten our health in the long run. Ending up in a hospitalised condition can even put you at a financial risk. Treating serious ailments and health problems costs a lot. To sugarcoat the very reality of it can be a sin.

However, it does not mean that one should abstain from such indulgence. Proper dietary habits and an active routine contribute to establishing positive physical wellness and a balanced lifestyle. Opting for a regular health screening in Singapore can have an impact too.


Save Money By Being Healthy With Health Screening


Keeping your mind and body in the best shape is the answer to living a fuller and more enjoyable life. Knowing how to take care of your health can prevent expenditures from surgery or other hospital treatment that can cost thousands of dollars. The average bill for public hospitals can range from $1,000 to about $10,500. On the other hand, the average for private hospitals can cost $4,000 to $25,000. Most of these estimations vary depending on the condition and if you need surgical specialities.

The cost for an average health screening package can vary, estimated to be around $50 to $300, depending on the assessment and package itself. Some health packages can cost above $500. However, we can see that there are more affordable options at hand. Unlike hospitalisations, we can automatically cost $900s or thousands of dollars at hand, and not everyone can afford it.

Getting a regular health screening or check-up can make sense from a financial standpoint. Many often overlook that one of the biggest perks of routine check-ups is not only to make you stay healthy. But it also saves you money in the long run. An appointment with a trusted doctor can help pinpoint the disease at its pre-development stage, which makes it easiest to treat.

Also, during a health screening visit, you can expect your physician to provide you with prescribed measures or advice to prevent other possible illnesses you may get as you age. As we can see, chronic conditions (such as arthritis, for example) can cost you thousands of dollars to manage with professional assistance. On the other hand, diseases (such as diabetes) can be demanding in terms of health maintenance. But getting a health or medical check up in Singapore can help you prevent catching them early, avoiding expensive treatments and hospital bills in the future.


Further Lowering Medical Expenses




It’s often unsightly to see your medical bills, especially after getting surgery or treatment for a life-threatening disease. An annual visit to your doctor can flat out the risk of early or later hospitalisation. Whether it be associated with weight gain, alcohol abuse or chain-smoking, one is better off seeing a doctor once or twice a year for a medical check up to prevent the chance of having a full-blown disease and help make changes to your lifestyle.

Many health professionals recognise smoking as the primary cause of heart disease, cancer and other conditions. On the other side, weight gain puts you at a high risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes. According to Web MD, people in the overweight spectrum tend to pay at least 40% more in health care treatment than healthy ones, while smoking can cost a person an average of near or more than $1 million over a lifetime of health treatment costs.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to stroke, cancer and liver disease. Excess alcohol consumption can cost you thousands of dollars as much as those excessively mentioned vices can. Nonetheless, visiting a doctor for a medical check up and consultation can provide effective, working advice on how to quit and regain a healthy lifestyle.


Other Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money



Apart from avoiding expensive medical treatments, medicine intake and surgery treatments, one can reap numerous money-saving perks that one can obtain by simply living healthily. Here are a few examples:

Drinking water is free.

From expensive beers to sugary sodas, neither provides you health benefits in the long run. A healthy lifestyle is about cutting the calories obtained from these beverages, which also cuts more potential costs!

A healthy diet means fewer expenses on junk.

Junk foods can be expensive. While getting a medical screening isn’t exactly cheap for many, most of us are willing to spend more to indulge in fast food burgers and fried meals plenty of times per year.

Packing your own lunch is a healthy alternative.

Restaurants and fast food meals aren’t your ideal choices for a healthy lifestyle—even an average restaurant meal can have 1,000 calories. If you’re working for eight hours a day at the office, you don’t need to splurge your savings on unhealthy choices. Packing your own lunch is the best way to go!

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