Nicotine Patch dosing – A substitute for cigarette

The ultimate goal of 2baconil Nicotine patch dosing is to meet smokers nicotine needs and allows them to feel comfortable throughout the day without a cigarette. The nicotine patch provides permanent withdrawal of nicotine symptoms from the body.

Smoking causes cancer, lungs disease, heart attack, and serious heart and lungs problems to the continuous smoker. It is advised to withdraw from the habit to leady a healthy life.

At the same time, it is advised to quit the habit slowly and not suddenly because the abrupt use of nicotine causes major side effects to the body. Hence it is advised to take proper treatment for smoking cessation.

NRT- The best solution to quit smoking

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) are widely popular for smoking cessation. NRT’s greatly helped in quit smoking habits and also helps in decreasing nicotine dependence. Some of the NRT products are nicotine patches, inhalers, gums, lozenges, and spray.

The nicotine patch provides a measured dose of harmless nicotine to the body and minimizes the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine gradually in 10 weeks of duration.

Usage ofnicotine patch dose

The person who smokes more than 15 cigarettes a day are advised to use 21 mg nicotine patch dosage strength for continuous 6 weeks and then gradually reduce the dose to 14 mg and then to 7 mg in the next 4 weeks duration.

The 2baconil Nicotine patch dosing is the ideal dosage use to quit smoking habits. The patient must stick the Nicotine patch in the body and may use it for 17 hours duration in a day. Patches must be replaced within 24 hours to avoid itching and irritation.

The patients are advised to remove the patch before the bed, as it may cause some vivid dreams or major side effects. For smoking cessation, it is recommended to use any NRT’s that include chewing gum, inhaler or nicotine patch for permanent relief.

Patients often benefit from nicotine gum or inhaler as a substitute for a cigarette a better way of preparing quit smoking habits. Apply NRTs will constantly increase the confidence of the patient that in turn increase their ability to quit smoking.

When the dosage strength is high, the user may experience the symptoms of major side effects like nausea, dizziness, dysphoria, cramping, palpitation, etc.

The 2baconil Nicotine patch dosing recommends the patch approximately for three months of use. The users are advised to taper of NRT slowly and not immediately.

Combine patch with gum or lozenge

For best and rapid results, it is advised to combine the nicotine patch with nicotine gum or lozenge to manage cravings. The patches are used to maintain a steady level of nicotine level in the body while the gums are used to relieve carvings quickly.

For a chain smoker, it is recommended to use 21mg dosage strength along with gum will show a better result in a short period. After 6 weeks of usage, gradually reduce the dose and the usage of gum for smoking cessation.

Stop smoking is an important habit used to follow to increase the life span and to live a healthy and happy life. The support from family, counseling with the doctor, regular use of nicotine patch along with gum or lozenge helps the user to stop quit smoking permanently.