Three Heath Benefits Of Consuming White Tea

Herbal tea (ชา สมุนไพร, which is the term in Thai) is drunk all around the world for its health benefits. One of the herbal teas that you can try today is white tea. White tea (ชา ขาว, term in Thai) is quite an underdog in the herbal teas section, as it has a lot of benefits but still is yet to dominate the world of herbal tea.

White teas have low caffeine than green and black tea, about 30 milligrams per eight ounces. If you do not like caffeine, then you should go with green tea, which offers a mild flavor than black and green tea. One of the reasons behind such low caffeine content is the immature leaves using to make the white teas. So, you can always choose white teas if you want less strong tea.

Here are Three benefits of drinking white tea. So, if you are a health-conscious person, this benefit will make you move to the White tea:

Benefits Of The White Tea

·       Improves Cognitive Health

White tea has a compound called amino acid I-theanine. When you drink the white, the compound makes you calm and more focused. The white tea is responsible for improving white health is also back up by the research. According to the study, the group taking white tea has improved focus and performance.

More studies show the health tea contains slightly more catechins than other health teas. The catechin carries anti-oxidant properties, which are beneficial for health. The catechin is believed to fight neurodegenerative diseases, so it just one more good reason to consume White tea.

·       Reduce Inflammation

Since white tea is rich with the anti-oxidant like the other health Tea, white tea reduces the inflammation caused by oxidative stress. The same catechins responsible for improving the brain function are responsible for making the stress out muscle relax. So, people whose life weight can use the White teas to get muscle relaxation and reduce the inflammation.

·       Bone Health

Most people forget to keep up their bone health. People entering their 40’s should look for ways that can help them to boost their bone health, as after 40′ the bone health starts to deteriorate. The health tea helps to improve bone health as it contains manganese. Along with keeping the bone health intact, manganese helps the body to break down the carbs and protein and release energy.