Berkey Replacement Filters: Top Tips in Maintaining Your Home Water Filter for Drinking

Clean drinking water is essential for everyone, especially in homes. Usually, homeowners would not get a home water filtration because they usually cost more than a hundred dollars to have one installed. Fortunately, you have a cheaper alternative to an entire home water filtration system, a simple water filter. Most of the time, homeowners use it a ton of times that they need to have a ton of Berkey replacement filters to replace the worn-out filter cartridges quickly.

If it is your first time using or owning a water filter, you should know how to maintain it properly. Doing so can make your water filter last for a long time, potentially up to a few years if taken care of efficiently. Not only will the water filter last for a long time, but you ultimately save money in the process.

Stack Up on Extra Filter Cartridges

Nowadays, people are afraid to go out in public spaces because of the pandemic. Even something as simple as touching a doorknob can make them infected with the virus. If you want to avoid going out to purchase water filter cartridges all the time, ensure you store at least several of them. You can place them in your closets or any other part of your home that is safe to store.

Storing a few of the water filter cartridges will make it easier to replace the worn-out cartridges in your water filter without a problem. You also avoid going out to public places, which reduces the chances of getting infected with the virus. Even ordering one online will take a few days to arrive at your home, which is not ideal because you need to provide clean water all the time.

One sign that your water filter cartridges need replacing is when the water starts to taste different from before. You should also try to tell everyone in your home to be aware of the changing taste so that you can replace the cartridges at once. When the time comes that you need to replace the cartridges, do not forget to utilize the user’s manual to ensure you install it correctly.

Replace the Worn-Out Filter Cartridges with New Ones 

As mentioned a while ago, you will need to replace your water filter cartridges from time to time, but when exactly do you need to replace them? Most water filter experts recommend that owners replace them after six months, but you may need to replace them earlier once you start to notice a different taste and smell of your drinking water. Never let your water filter’s cartridge unchanged for more than six months because traces of the contaminants will get stuck on the old water filter, causing your drinking water to get contaminated.

In most instances, you will need to change two filter cartridges in your water filter. You need to know that no water filter exists that does not require constant maintenance. Even the expensive home water filtration systems will need a professional to clean them because of the residue stuck on the water pipes.

Special Water Filter Cartridges Requires More Care

You can find several water filters that have special cartridges that you do not have to replace anymore. You should go for water filters with the special cartridges if you do not want the hassle of changing them from time to time. What is great about them is you only need to wash them after continuous use. Usually, special cartridges are made from ceramic material.

The only downside to owning special water filter cartridges, most specifically ceramic, is that they break easily. It means you have to take extra care of them when cleaning. Many people have already experienced damaging it because they were not careful enough. Once the ceramic cartridge breaks, there is no other option than to replace them with a new one, and it will cost you a lot. Even a small hint of damage can cause water filtration problems, which you would not want to happen.

Most of the time, the damage may happen internally, which can be hard to spot for many unless you let a professional inspect it. If you have non-slip gloves, ensure you utilize them to better handle the ceramic filter cartridge and prevent them from slipping from your hands.

Since you now know how to maintain your water filter regularly, you should expect it to last long in your home. It would also be best if you bought Berkey replacement filters before or after buying the water filter in case you need to change the cartridges instantly.