A Few Tips To Speed Up Your Recovery After A Facelift

The women and men who come for a facelift are always more concerned with the healing than the surgery itself. The reality is the healing after a facelift is generally much more relaxed than patients expect. This is particularly valid if they obey the instructions that are given during the procedure. It also speeds up their recovery and, the healing after a facelift will be smoother than expected if patients will follow the tips given in this blog post. As a Facelift Toronto doctor who is one of the trained and the world’s most respected plastic surgeons, I can guarantee that patients who obey these tips almost always report positive recovery following surgery. Here they are:

Keep Your Head High While Sleeping: it is necessary to sleep in the first 2 weeks after surgery with your head in an upright position. Elevated head helps minimize facial pressure and stops blood from circulating into the surgery area. It helps in reducing swelling. It is necessary to keep your head high not only while sleeping but also while watching TV or reading something.  I always recommend that patients who aim to go under the surgery should sleep with a lifted head before the procedure so that they can be ready for playing a new role.

Prepare Ahead: recovery is a vital part of the healing process. So, it’s a smart way to ensure that you prepare yourself and take care of meals before undergoing the process. Pick up prescribed medications for pain before the day of the procedure. Going home to an uncluttered house decreases recovery tension, so make sure that you have done with your household chores before leaving for your facial surgery.  It is even nice to have meals in the fridge or the freezer so that you have quick bites during the first recovery cycle. In this way, you will not need to waste time in the kitchen.

Take Rest: Since facial lifting recovery is less stressful than predicted for most of the patients, it may be too early to attempt. Patients who feel pretty good within a day or two might tend to do more activities, but it’s important to take yourself easy and follow the orders of your surgeon.

Ask For Help: it is just like normal surgeries so don’t hesitate for asking help from your near and dear ones. Doing household chores can be stressful in the recovery period. So, ask for help.