Portable Oxygen Concentrators – Know Its Uses As Well As Benefits

If you are struggling with any kind of lung disease or breathing problem that requires you to supplemental oxygen, then portable oxygen concentrators are the right things that make it easier to cope up with such types of issues. Oxygen provides a number of benefits and now you can utilize the option of portable concentrator that allows you to breathe easily while enjoying your freedom. 

Discover some important facts of portable oxygen concentrator

A POC is a kind of device that helps those individuals suffering from low level blood oxygen. You can plug them to an electrical outlet or power them by using battery. Once the battery charge is finished, you can have the option to recharge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet. Some portable concentrators come with an adapter which you can easily use while driving. 

These concentrators serve a number of purposes such as receiving air, distributing the changed air and purifying it. Air is mainly composed of oxygen and nitrogen before it goes through the concentrator. After going through the concentrator, the air comes out all oxygen and a little amount of nitrogen. 

When the device starts, it automatically starts separating that little amount of nitrogen from oxygen so that the individual can breathe as much oxygen as possible. However, it is difficult to get the purest percentage of oxygen without using a medical device like oxygen concentrator. 

What are the benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator?

There are a number of benefits to a portable oxygen concentrator. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Easy to use

This is an easy to use device that comes with a simple and clean control panel which allows you to monitor your monitor the oxygen flow and the battery life of the device easily. You can also make easy adjustments by simply pressing the one touch screen control display. 

There is no hassle of exasperating battery belts, changing internal batteries or connecting confusing connectors together. Instead of all these, this portable oxygen concentrator comes with a lightweight battery which is accessible that you can change in just a minute. 

  • Provide a better night’s sleep

While you are sleeping, the saturation level of oxygen starts to drop. This happens even in case of normal individuals with healthy lungs. On the other hand, if you have any type of lung disease or heart problem, you may suffer from nocturnal desaturation that can interfere your good night’s sleep and may lead to some other substantial health problems as well. If you are constantly facing such types of problem, it is better that you should consult with your doctor and he may end up suggesting you supplemental oxygen therapy during sleep. 

  • Mobility 

The latest concentrators are compact in size and lightweight. You can carry this compact size concentrator to any place such as car rides, picnic, walks in the park, baseball games and so on. If you want, you can take your POC to your workplace, in social events and participate in any type of physical activity. There are some POCs which are smaller in size and weigh only six pounds