When Might You Need Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee pain can affect your ability to perform daily habits affecting your quality of life. Although chronic knee pain can result from a condition like arthritis, it can also occur from a direct blow to your knee. In such a situation, you might need Katy total knee replacement surgery to help relieve pain and restore the function of your knee joint.

The surgery involves partial or total removal of damaged bones and cartilage in your knee joint and replacing them with artificial components made from metal or plastic.

Types of knee replacement procedures

The following are the types of knee replacement surgeries:

Total knee replacement  

Total knee replacement involves removing damaged cartilage and bones from all components of your knee joints. Your surgeon will replace the damaged parts with artificial components and restore the normal function of your joint. Most patients that undergo total knee replacement have arthritis that has spread to all parts of the knee joint.

Partial knee replacement

If you have arthritis that only affects one part of your knee joint, you might be a good candidate for partial knee replacement. During the surgery, your specialist will only operate on the affected knee joint component. Your surgeon will try as much as possible to preserve your bones during the procedure.

Minimally invasive knee replacement

If you want minimal soft tissue damage or scarring, your doctor might recommend minimally invasive knee replacement. The procedure involves a small incision; hence, you can have a reduced risk of infection and a shorter recovery time than open surgery.  


Successful recovery following knee replacement surgery will depend on your strict adherence to doctor instructions. You will need to adjust your diet and sleeping patterns to ensure your body receives the nutrition and rest required. Your surgeon will also give you pain medication, which you should take as prescribed.

If you need help deciding what foods to eat during recovery, ask your doctor to help you prepare a food list. Ensure to include all food groups with a limitation of processed foods which can delay your healing process. Make fresh fruits and vegetables a part of your daily food consumption.

It will also help to prepare your home in advance to avoid accidents after the surgery. Ensure you have clear pathways to promote movement, especially when your doctor gives you the go-ahead to start walking. If possible, stay in a one-level arrangement house to avoid climbing stairs.

When do you need knee replacement surgery?

You might need knee replacement surgery if your pain is severe and doesn’t respond to treatment options like medications and physical and injection therapy. You might also benefit from the procedure if you have arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Your doctor will recommend knee replacement surgery after trying conservative methods.

If you have severe knee pain that does not respond to conservative treatments, visit Integrity Orthopedics for evaluation and knee replacement surgery. The available orthopedic surgeons will recommend the most suitable type of knee replacement surgery depending on your symptoms and preference. Call or schedule your appointment online and improve your range of motion.