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How to Benefit More From Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of the recurrent chore of waxing, shaving, or tweezing, laser hair removal can offer you a permanent solution to your unpleasant hair problem. The advanced treatment procedure destroys your body’s capacity to grow hair by harnessing the power of laser energy. The expertise team at A Beautiful You Medical Spa is extensively experienced in laser hair removal in Memphis. It can help you eliminate that unpleasant hair from your face, back, arms, underarms, bikini areas, or legs. But to ensure you benefit the most out of the procedure, you might want to do several things as outlined herein. Check it out.

Ensure That Laser Hair Removal is Suitable for You

Although the benefits of laser hair treatment are immeasurable, not everyone can benefit from the procedure. If you are not a good candidate, it might end up causing more troubles than benefits for you. Therefore, it is vital to do some research and seek expert help to understand if you qualify for the procedure. Understand that the treatment works best to eliminate coarse dark hair and may not work well to remove blond, red, white, or gray hair. Also, the treatment may not be recommended for women with hormonal complications. Additionally, if you are under any other treatment or medications, it will be good to discuss them with your doctor.

Seek a Consultation Appointment

Most doctors recommend a consultation appointment before the actual appointments to allow time for overall health evaluation and diagnosis of your condition. Additionally, this allows your provider to expose to you all about the procedure, what you can expect, and what you can do to prepare for the same. Therefore, it is crucial to seek an appointment with your provider to discuss how you can make your experience better and reap more benefits from the treatment procedure.

Avoid Tanning

If your doctor has approved that laser hair removal is proper for you, you will be instructed to prepare for the procedure. It will be necessary to avoid tanning or sunlight at least six weeks before your treatment. Tanned skin can cause blistering and burns during your treatment which affects the effectiveness of your treatment. Therefore, protecting your skin from sun and tanning will optimize your results.

Keep the Hair Root Intact

Some of the techniques to manage and regulate hair growth involve removing the hair from the roots. While this is important, it is not necessary when seeking laser hair treatment. Remember that the technique works by targeting the roots, and missing roots will only minimize the effectiveness of the treatments. Therefore, waxing, plucking, electrolysis, and bleaching hair treatment options are not suitable for you at this time. Instead, you can use depilatories or shave at least six weeks before your treatment.

Shave Two Days Before Your Treatment

Laser hair treatment is most effective when hair is in the active growing stage. Your provider will advise you on when precisely you should shave and prepare the treatment area as it will encourage hair to enter into the growing stage. Remember to ask your provider about this during your initial consultation. Additionally, show up for your appointment with clean skin that is gently cleansed. Avoid moisturizers, and remember to remove your makeup and any dirt or oil on your skin.

Contact A Beautiful You Medical Spa providers today and learn how you can prepare for your hair laser removal treatment to get the most out of it. Your provider will first help you understand if the treatment procedure is suitable for you.