Treatment Options a Personal Injury Doctor May Recommend for Accident Victims

A serious accident can result in different injuries, depending on the kind of accident and where it happened. This is the reason a wisconsin personal injury doctor will not use just one treatment for accident victims. Instead, they depend on different treatments, depending on the patient’s injury. 

Often, doctors will use disinfectants and bandages when treating accident-related injuries like cuts or scrapes. Depending on how serious the injuries are, the victim may need to return to the doctor to have their bandages replaced or do it on their own at home. The following are common treatments doctors prescribe for accident victims who sustained injuries:

Pain Medication

After a serious accident, a victim can feel pain as a symptom of an injury. Pain can be experienced because of different reasons like when the head is bumped into a hard surface. No matter the cause of the pain, a doctor may prescribe pain medication to help relieve it. Typically, the doctor will recommend some pain medications based on the seriousness of the pain. For instance, for headaches or scrapes, they may recommend over-the-counter pain medications. 

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, doctors may recommend that the patient attends physical therapy sessions after an accident. This can be important when the victim strains a shoulder muscle. Physical therapy is crucial to regaining mobility in this muscle. It is meant to help patients move better and relieve their pain after their functionalities have been compromised in an accident. 


Surgery may be required for some patients, especially those who broke a bone. Because surgery comes with risks, a doctor will not suggest that a patient goes through the procedure when less invasive treatment can heal their body. The following are common types of surgeries doctors may perform, depending on the injuries sustained:

  • Brain surgery. When a person sustained a traumatic brain injury or TBI in an accident, they may need surgery for repairing a skull fracture, getting rid of a clot, stopping brain bleeding, or relieving the pressure that builds inside the skull. 
  • Back surgery. Certain accidents like car accidents can result in severe back injuries including dislocated vertebrae, broken vertebrae, and torn soft tissue. Surgery might be necessary for repairing several injuries. Common back injuries that doctors might perform include discectomy, vertebroplasty, laminectomy, and spinal fusions. 
  • Surgery for internal injuries. When a serious accident happens, a victim’s internal organs could be punctured or crushed, resulting in internal bleeding. A surgery might perform a minimally invasive procedure or extensive surgical repair.