Foods which are beneficial for your kids in winters

Foods which are beneficial for your kids in winters

Cold weather can brings loads of health issues for small kids. The kids are vulnerable to certain illnesses such as common cold, flu, sore throat, skin problem and pneumonia at the time of winters. The parents should provide an appropriate diet for them, or else it can be traumatic. Seek for a top-rated supplement drink like junior Horlicks in cold months.

These are a few food items that you should not ad in the kid’s diet throughout the winter season.

  1. Candies/Sweets

Sugar is not at all good for the small children no matter what season it is. Eating lots of sugar can cause a massive loss of white blood cells from the body. They protect the body from diseases and infections. The kids might suffer from bacterial infections or viral diseases if the intake of sugar remains high. Try not to offer candies, chocolates and soft drinks to the littleones.

  1. Dairy products

The animal proteins are responsible for the thickening of saliva and mucus. Thus, it makes swallowing harder for small children. You must make your kids learn about both healthy and unhealthy food products. Food products such as cream and cheese must not be given to the kids in the case of congestion, especially.

Foods to consider

  1. Nuts

Offer your kids lots of nuts this winter. The vital nutrients in the nut would keep them fit and active. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts are a few nuts and seeds.

  1. Cereals, grains and pulses

These are rich in protein and carbs. The combination of the two makes a perfect winter meal for kids.   It is also great for the issue of vitamin D deficiency which occurs because of less sunshine. In the breakfast or late afternoon, serve Horlicksdrink to the young ones.