Tips When Planning to Travel With Fewer Items Than Usual and Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Big Berkey Filter Behind

Traveling lite is now a trend. Back then, people want to have everything they need before leaving home. They can’t afford to miss anything. There are instances when the trip would require several bags to fit everything in. Sure, all the items are there, but it’s exhausting to carry these bags. There’s also a good chance of losing some of them. When traveling with children, it’s even worse. Looking after them and these possessions can be a daunting task. The key is by determining which items can’t be left behind. It depends on the place to visit and the nature of the trip. If it’s a camping trip or anything that involves an outdoor adventure, the Big Berkey filter is necessary. It allows access to clean drinking water. Hence, it can’t be left out. The other unnecessary things can go. These are the other useful tips when planning to travel with fewer things than usual. 

Don’t carry lots of toiletries

Sure, toiletries are essentials. Skincare products and other items for hygiene purposes should be in the bag. The problem is that they can take up space. They might also spill all over the bags if not packed properly. There are also limitations in regards to the content that is allowed on flights. To prevent any issue, it’s best not to bring them at all. The primary reason is that there are stores that sell them anywhere. Toothpaste, soap, and shampoo are available in various places. Even hotels provide them for free in some instances. You might not get your preferred brand, but it’s okay. Your trip will only last for a few days. You can use your products again once you arrive home. 

Wear the clothes you will use for the trip 

Instead of keeping your clothes on the luggage, you can wear them. There’s no rule against the use of layered clothing. You can have one on top of another. The clothes you wore for the trip can be worn again over the next days. You can save space in your bag without sacrificing anything. Besides, if you’re heading to a cold location, it’s understandable if you decide to wear clothes in layers. 

Plan your outfit 

You can decide the exact outfit you’re going to wear on each day of the trip. You also have an idea about what’s going to happen since you prepared your itinerary before the trip. You will have an idea about which clothes you can mix and match. It means that you don’t have to bring more than what you’re going to wear. If there are surprise activities that you didn’t think about, you can always buy. 

Start with a smaller bag

The first thing you might want to do if you pack your things is getting the largest suitcase out there. In doing so, you can have everything that you need in one bag. The problem is that your goal is to travel with fewer items. If you decide to take out a smaller bag, you will force yourself to leave many items behind. If you’re only going to travel for a few days, a small backpack will suffice. You can also bring an extra bag where you can keep the things you might shop for upon arrival at your destination.

Use compression packing cubes

Instead of folding your clothes and placing them directly in your bag, you can use compression packing cubes. The good thing about them is that they can reduce the size of your clothes in half. You can fit more clothes in the same packing cube than you would in a regular bag. They also help keep the clothes neat and easy to locate. These cubes are now a popular trend among frequent travelers.

Use a multi-purpose pair of shoes 

Some shoes can only be worn on specific occasions. For instance, if you’re going to bring stilettos, you have to be sure that there’s a formal event. Otherwise, there’s no chance that you’re going to use them. Look for casual shoes that you can use for different activities. Whether you’re heading indoors or outdoors, they will be useful. Besides, you already know the activities that will happen. Pack a pair of shoes that you can use for these activities. Limit the pair of shoes that you’re going to bring. You might not even have to bring slippers since some hotels to provide free indoor slippers. When packing these shoes, there’s no need to use shoe bags since they can be quite bulky. You can use shower caps or recyclable bags instead.

Buy an organizer bag

Bringing different devices is common these days. You can’t leave your house if you only have your phone. You also need your laptop, tablet, and digital cameras. Each of these devices has chargers and other accessories. You don’t want to destroy them or lose some parts during the trip. The best thing to do is to buy an organizer bag. You can keep everything inside the bag and organize your mobile devices well. Don’t forget to consider the rules in regards to the use of electronic gadgets on planes. For instance, you can only use a power bank of a specific voltage on the plane. If it’s beyond the allowed number, you might have to leave it behind.

Learn how to sacrifice

The best step to remember if you want to travel with fewer items is to learn how to sacrifice. You can’t have everything with you during this short trip. It helps if you know which items to leave at home. Besides, when you are traveling, comfort isn’t the priority. There are other things you want to do and enjoy. When you’re already experiencing the beauty of the trip, you will forget what you sacrifice to travel lite. Remember all these techniques so that you can use them again for your future trips. You will feel more comfortable if you only have your bags and they are easy to carry.