Five Reasons for Choosing Waxing Over Shaving

Waxing is an easy, quick, and safe method of removing unwanted hairs from various body parts. The bikini area, legs, arms, upper lip, and armpits are usual places that regularly require hair removal. If you are searching for Verona waxing solutions, the waxing specialists at Montclair Rejuvenation Center will give you all the pampering you need.

Less regrowth

Shaving may give you a smooth finish, but it leaves plenty of hair just below the surface. The hair starts overgrowing, and soon enough, you will have more regrowth that needs removal. On the other hand, waxing pulls the hair from the root, which means regrowth will take longer. People who choose to wax can enjoy almost four weeks of a smooth finish before their next appointment to a beauty salon.

The regrowth is finer

Waxing tears off the unwanted hairs from the roots, and this process weakens the hair follicles over time. Subsequent hair growth will have a finely tapered end instead of coarse as the case with shaving. More delicate hair is much easier to deal with in your next appointment.

If you generally have thick hair on your body, routine waxing will eventually reduce the amount of new hair growth, thus making hair removal less arduous. More so, shaving your legs can leave them feeling rough and abrasive, contrary to your desired results.

Less ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs occur when cut hair grows back into the skin, thus causing small bumps in the area where tweezing or cutting happened. They are standard on the beard and cheek area, and the common signs include pain, pus-filled lesions, and embedded hairs.

Chronic ingrown hair can lead to keloids, hyperpigmentation, and bacterial infection.

While the structure of your hair and direction of growth are key factors contributing to ingrown hairs, people who wax have a lesser chance of encountering this problem. Professional waxing specialists know the best way to prepare your skin and remove waxing strips to avoid ingrown hair.

No allergic reactions

Shaving creams have assorted ingredients that could easily irritate the skin, leaving you with rashes and discolored skin. Not only is this outcome a cause of the discomfort, but it does prevent you from wearing sleeveless items of clothing. The kind of wax used for waxing procedures does not have unnatural ingredients that could irritate your skin. You only need a qualified waxing professional to perform the process, so there is little to no redness.

Pampering session

Shaving unwanted hair at home or using cream is not as relaxing as visiting a beautician having them do the job for you. These appointments are a chance to get some pampering beyond waxing services. If you do not wish to visit the beauty salon, especially in these unprecedented times, the waxing specialist can come to your home instead.

In the end, you get better results from waxing than cutting hair only at the part emerging from your skin. If you want a more reliable hair removal method that leaves your skin soft, book an appointment with a qualified waxing specialist today.