How much does HerpaGreens cost?

Each bottle of HerpaGreens is expected to last one month. Like most herbal supplements and antioxidants, this solution is delivered in powder form (i.e., 4.4g per delivery). That being said, below are some different price points to consider (excluding shipping and other fees):

  • 30-day offer for HerpaGreens: $ 79 each
  • 90-day HerpaGreens offer: $ 59 each
  • 180-day HerpaGreens offer: $ 49 each

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According to the Shipping Policy, shipments are sent to U.S. addresses. It will add an additional $ 9.95, and orders to Canada will go in at $ 19.95. Delivery can be expected within 5 to 7 business days in the previous days up to the last 15 days.

Meet Cody Morgan and Charles Ellis

Cody Morgan, a former U.S. military specialist He also introduced himself as “an expert in the medical field of wounded soldiers.” As a man with a herpes virus and had a high case of transmission to his girlfriend (who eventually contracted herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2), Cody went on to work on finding a natural solution that changed all infections.

While doing his hard work, he was still working as a healer. One thing he did not realize was that only Americans and Africans reported symptoms associated with herpes, not a single Moroccan did. After researching the Moroccan diet, he came to the conclusion that their diet was rich in antioxidants. To see how one way Cody could improve his formula, he joined a biologist and specialist in biological warfare, Charles Ellis. This led to both of them apart from HerpaGreens.

The Final Decision

All in all, herpesyl customer reviews is a rich green antioxidant that aims to eradicate the herpes virus from its roots. Established on the basis of Moroccan cuisine, HerpaGreens only includes natural ingredients, do not forget that it also has an adequate source of pre-and probiotic. The reason for the latter seems to stem from the fact that such ingredients have antimicrobial properties that are good for killing diseases.

With regard to the effectiveness of this formula, we have done just the first study, which means that not all ingredients were tested on a scientific basis. From what we have collected so far, species have only existed until now. These previous results are good; however, it is too early to say whether they really work. Since, Cody and Charles made sure to test the solution on more than 200 people, it would be a good idea to gather more information from the customer support team.

Depending on the price as a factor, they seem to be right, however, whether they are legal or not for herpes causes is not entirely clear. Going forward, we encourage everyone to do a thorough investigation. In addition, it is always a good idea to clarify any questions and / or concerns with the customer service team. To find out more about HerpaGreens and what it can do for people fighting herpes infection.