Essential Insights Regarding Oral Surgery

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Oral surgery can address many dental concerns such as overcrowding, impacted wisdom teeth, and tooth decay. Scott Young, DDS, is the leading practice for oral surgery in The Woodlands. Suppose you are ready to enhance your dental aesthetics; Dr. Scott has a record that speaks for itself and guarantees a top-notch treatment experience with exceptional results. Call today to book your appointment or use the online booking tool.

When Should I Consider Getting Oral Surgery?

Dr. Young and his team of highly trained dental experts at Scott Young, DDS, offer in-office oral surgery for his patients’ convenience. Oral surgery may be essential for the following reasons:

·       Decayed teeth

·       Dental implants

·       Impacted wisdom teeth

·       Severe snoring or sleep apnea

·       Root canals

·       Jaw problems like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

·       To prepare for implant-supported dentures

·       Fractured teeth

Oral surgery can help you have a healthier mouth by correcting an array of dental issues.

Is Anesthesia Part of Oral Surgery?

You may require a local anesthetic to numb the specific area of your mouth where oral surgery is necessary, depending on the procedure. You might need general anesthesia if you are undergoing a more complex or lengthy surgery. Dr. Young and the rest of the staff will go over your procedure and anesthesia options with you beforehand so you know what to anticipate.

If you’re anxious about an impending oral surgery operation, the specialists at Scott Young, DDS, also offer sedation dentistry.

What is the Recovery Process After Oral Surgery?

Although everyone is different, and each treatment is customized to your mouth, you can expect to swell and bleed for up to 24 hours after tooth extraction. Depending on the severity of the treatment, you may experience some discomfort. Your dentist will offer any relevant pain management prescriptions to help you stay comfortable while you recuperate. After your oral surgery procedure, plan to relax and heal and avoid intensive exercise.

You should be able to resume normal activities within 48 hours. Dr. Young will give you special recovery instructions after your operation. You should also follow a mild oral hygiene plan as your mouth heals to keep the treated region clean. To avoid disrupting any stitches or the early stages of healing, avoid vigorous rinsing and spitting in the first 24 hours.

If you are apprehensive about an oral surgery treatment, be assured that at Scott Young, DDS, you can access the highest level of care from one of The Woodlands’ or the surrounding areas’ most qualified dental professionals.

Other Treatments

There are a variety of other quality treatments you can receive at Scott Young, DDS. In addition to oral surgery, the providers also deliver services such as:

·       Sedation dentistry

·       Dental crowns

·       Dental implants

·       Periodontist

·       Cosmetic veneers

·       Teeth whitening

·       TMJ treatment

·       Implant-Supported Dentures

·       Gingivitis

·       Sleep apnea

·       General dentistry

Bottom Line

Oral surgery can contribute immensely to your aesthetic goals and overall dental health. If you seek to transform your appearance with a professional oral procedure, your fate is in good hands at Scott Young, DDS. Call to book an appointment or schedule online today.