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With so many different electronic cigarette brands on the market, it can be hard for anyone looking for these to know who to spend their money with, which is why we seek to help you by bringing you ecigs reviews and sellers we find to be notable.  There have been a lot of horror stories circulating in recent years about poorly-made, foreign-import electronic cigarette brands that have been implicated in house fires, and found to contain toxic ingredients.  These are often sold extremely cheaply, but that in itself is not always an indicator and so here we have researched many hundreds of brands to find you the safest, healthiest and best e-cigarettes you can buy.

There are numerous advantages of vaping, not least the health aspect of quitting smoking.  Other advantages are that you can enjoy different flavors and the numerous additional health benefits of herbal preparations contained in the different cartridges. Of course, you can enjoy vaping in public, and socially, even around your children, without falling foul of NO SMOKING laws.  Vaping is a habit that hurts no one, where cigarette smoke causes passive smoking, which is an obvious danger for non-smokers.

Here at Best Ecigarettes we support Australian-made products, and you will find that when you buy electronic cigarettes that we have reviewed, you can purchase in confidence, knowing you are supporting quality Australian manufacturers, who won’t cut corners when it comes to their customer’s health.  It’s a sad fact that many of the very cheapest imported vaping products are poorly made and dangerous, often using unsafe, unnatural ingredients in their vape cartridges and cheap manufacturing methods in the e cigarettes themselves, to the point where you are replacing the unhealthy habit of smoking tobacco with one that is just as risky, and often just as expensive.  Cheap products break, need replacing, and the cartridges do not last long.  There have also been incidents of the batteries inside catching fire and endangering lives and property.

All these are reasons we only review Australian made e cigarettes, as these are bound by strict quality control that foreign imports often bypass.  Cheap may be attractive to your wallet, but the hidden costs mount up.  With our featured electronic cigarette brands, what you see is what you get, and what you pay, no hidden extras, and no playing Russian Roulette with your health.  While not always the cheapest, our favored brands are top-scoring in terms of health, natural ingredients and are Australian-made, with an eye on quality manufacturing that cannot be found in the bargain-basement end of the market.  Compared with the medical costs of smoking-related illness, the cost of good quality electronic cigarette brands is a drop in the ocean.  Your health is something worth investing in.

Non-burning, smoke free, ash free, rechargeable and reusable. These are just some of the many reasons why electronic cigarettes are hyped up as the newest trend in smoking. It is the most popular substitute to cigarette smoking that it has come under the scrutiny of health experts to validate its credibility as the safe way to smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are composed of rechargeable batteries, a vaporizer and e-liquid. Most electronic cigarettes are designed and produced to look like real cigarettes. These cigarettes are refillable and reusable, readily available in the market with barely any legal restrictions.

But one question will always linger, is smoking without all the smoke, the ash and the burning sensation really safe? One might think that it is, but the way e cigarettes are being advertised is all a facade. Because once you look at what it really, you’ll find out that there are many underlying things that might even be more harmful than smoking the traditional way.

Let’s talk about the batteries first. Batteries malfunction and explode when misused or there was a mistake during the production process. Smoking an e cigarette with a bad battery can put not only your health, but your life in danger. At present, the estimated number of failed or exploded e cigarettes is approximately over a hundred cases.

Another misconception is that it is nicotine free. That is wrong. In fact, nobody is really sure how much nicotine is in e cigarettes. It may even be higher, since there are no regulations or law about e cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also found traces of harmful and toxic chemicals, carcinogenic in nature.

It undergoes no legal or safety evaluation before being released in the market. How can anyone be sure of their safety if nobody knows what’s really in an e cigarette. One might think that a non-burning cigarette is safer than burning ones, but one should remember that there is danger in disguise.