Do I Need Shoulder Surgery?

Each year, a group of guy friends goes on an “annual fall ride” to take in the full view of the changing fall colors in the mountains near Saratoga Springs, Utah. With motorcycles, it’s nice not to have your view blocked with a roof over your head. This year’s ride was no different, except all the riding buddies noticed that Fred, who happens to be the youngest rider of the group, was constantly holding and massaging his shoulder each time they stopped. When asked if he was okay, the typical tough guy response was offered of “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. My shoulder bothers me sometimes when I’m riding for a long time.”

“How long has this been happening?” Asked one of Fred’s, buddies. “Off and on for about a year or so, but hopefully it will go away soon,” Fred responds. His friends, who appear tough and rough with their riding gear, bikes, leather, and chains, continue to show their genuine caring and softer side, press further. “Why haven’t you got it checked out by a shoulder doctor or surgeon?” Asked another. Embarrassed, Fred expresses that he can’t afford not to work, and if he had to have shoulder surgery, it would put him in a financial bind. So he simply deals with the pain. Based upon his eyes and emotions, It is clear that his shoulder is in far more pain than he verbally lets on. Thomas, the oldest rider of the group, who has just been listening while leaning against his bike, stands up and walks towards Fred. With care and conviction in his voice, he says, “Fred, I’ve suffered needlessly for years, and I wished someone would’ve told me what I’m about to tell you because it would have saved me countless sleepless nights. You can get shoulder help and often without surgery!” Following that conversation, Fred promised and caring riding buddies that he would see an orthopedic specialist for his shoulder pain.

Cases like Fred’s are commonly seen by orthopedic surgeons in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Many patients seem to self diagnose, as if they have had years of medical training and experience. They already have determined that the only cure for their injury and pain is surgery, so they put off and prolong the pain that may not even require surgery. Yes, sometimes shoulder surgery is, in some cases, necessary, but, you’d be surprised at how much a Saratoga Springs orthopedic specialist can do without surgery.

If you’re like Fred and are simply “grinning and bearing it,” please stop and get help today! Look for an orthopedic doctor in Saratoga Springs that can provide shoulder surgery alternative recommendations.

Advanced Sports and Orthopedics performs shoulder surgery in Saratoga Springs. They also specialize in several non-surgical alternatives.