The best teas to beat your hangover

So, you had a couple of drinks with your friends last night, and you are having a hard time getting your day started in the morning. Yes, the part was light the night before, and now you are trying to recover for your big night out. Most people rely on coffee to help the beat hangover—and it works for some and it doesn’t for others. But, have you ever considered taking tea in the morning after a long night out with your friends? Yes, tea—hangover tea, in particular, might be your best option to beat your hangover. 

It’s a fact: almost everyone has been there. A few rounds then spend some time on the dancing floor, and then a few rounds again—and the cycle goes on until late in the night. In the morning you’ll start battling a hangover, but what’s the best way to recover from a hangover if you had a long night out with your friends?

Here are a few ideas to help you beat hangover:

  • Get out of bed and take a meal with lots of grease
  • Get the strongest cup of coffee from your local coffee shop
  • Get several herbal teas from Dollar Tea Club and skip the greasy food part

While most people tend to try all these options, the last option is of great interest. Apart from being delicious and relaxing, Tummy Tea is the most hydrating option—and you will need lots of water if you had a little too many drinks last night. 

Interestingly, we have a wide variety of natural herbal teas, which are perfect for beating the after-effects of your night-out activities. You only need to choose your favorite option if you didn’t have one. 

Hangover Helper

As the name suggests, this hangover tea will help you beat all the headaches and body pains associated with a hangover. This includes fatigue, nausea, as well as other hangover effects. Hangover helper will not only assist you to remove all the unwanted toxins in your body; it will also help relax while dealing with the effects of a hangover. 

With a unique blend of natural botanicals and herbs with natural remedy properties, this hangover tea is the best substitute for coffee or any other caffeinated beverages. Hangover Helper will help you recover faster, and get back to your normal daily activities. 


Our Detox tea blend will help you reboot from the effects of last night’s drinks. The tea features several important botanicals, like sarsaparilla root, dandelion, and ginger, all known for their ability to remove toxins from the body while boosting your immune system. You should have our Detox tea blend in hand if you want to beat hangover faster, for your daily dietary requirements, or to boost your immune system.

Periodically Pain-Less

This tea blend will virtually cure any hangover symptoms in your body. If you are experiencing severe hangover symptoms like nausea, cramping, bloating, or indigestion, as well as other side effects of overeating during a night out with your pals, Periodically Pain-Less, is the solution to such issues. 

Periodically Pain-Less is a warm, and exotic tea packed with immune-boosting ingredients that the body will need if you’ve had a long night-out the previous day. Some of the essential ingredients in this tea blend include licorice root, anise seed, heather petals, and ginger. 

Full power

Filled with vitamins and antioxidants, Full Power helps to restore your energy, as well as boost your immune system. It’s the perfect tea blend to eliminate any possible downtime associated with a hangover. The tea is a little bit spicy and sweet, which will give you the best feeling you need when battling a hangover. 

Please note: you can enjoy our teas both cold and hot. Don’t forget to add some herbs if you want your hangover to go within minutes! 



Elaine Allen
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